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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Sharkey, May 23, 2012.

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  1. When we got in after a trip, it was up the bar in numbers for a few, when the Odin came in, they had a big bloke in the Viking rig,wooly coat horned helmet strappy sandals, he would shout out OOOOOOdin a couple of times then then the bit about sending the wind to turn the waves to make it safe to snort in, followed by the rest of the crew, another boat, cant remember which had an enormouse snake that they all trooped in carried over thier heads. Do the Nuke boys in todays serious Navy have anything like that, do they head for the bar as a crew.
  2. Only on foreign jollies now (including Faslane if your a Guzz boat).
  3. Back in the day, things were obviously very different! Always saw 'Submariners' as being in a different navy! Those were the days of 'A' boats and 'O' boats and the new advent of 'Nuc's. Was General Service myself but enjoyed many a run ashore in the sterling company of 'diesel Submariners' and would be amazed if the sense of camaraderie etc in 'Boomer's etc was anything like that of the 60's 'Silent service'

    Just an observation from afar....and many years ago....
  5. This thread begs the question!!!

    Is Up-Channel night still observed.

    Beer, porn, more beer, more porn, beer and maybe the odd movie!
  6. And dont forget eating anything the chef had stashed away that wasnt mouldy
  7. 2channel nights after a mizzy, one for the occifers then one the next night for us lesser mortals.
    Senior rates doing OOW duties whilst they partied.
    Almost as good as the first PU in Gosport.
  8. The song was so good, even non-Odin Boats crews used to sing it, but not in Fazzers.

    Lerwick? Yesssssssssss!
  9. It wasnt on Trench 90 but as soon as fall out harbour stations was piped the bar opened (Free beer due to fines being levied for infringements of mess rules.)
  10. I'm not sure if you fucked up the quote Sharkey, but what I said was 'I believe the RN has changed massively now that most people drive and live ashore'. You'll have to remind me where I said anything about 'rum & uckers?'

    It was on another thread, I cant remember the exact context and I'm sure it was you, anyway it made me laugh, if I require a username in the future I'll adopt rumnuckers

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