Back home to Gas!

Coming out of the chop shop all bandaged up around the gut and private area thru curing all the diseases I caught in the Mob,only leprosy to go apart from the galloping knob rot that still lingers on!
Lying in bed recovering I felt the rumbles of gas[As anyone who has had a stomach op. knows it swells up and expelling gas is necessary and a pleasure!}
It started with a low growl,then slowly like a Vincent Black Shadow at Brands Hatch,it gathered acceleration,pausing briefly in between when it lowered it's tone to change gears,then it growled up again to full throttle.
I crossed the chequered flag with a triumphant howl and turned to the wife for a sign of appreciation.
She's a religious woman who only remarked thru running eyes,“Sweet suffering Jesus!”

I'm sure there is more to come and the wife is looking to point the hand held dog barking preventer we bought at me.

Glad to be home though!
Glad to see you're now safely at home and recovering well.
As a novelty you could ignite the methane with one of your zippos, whilst suitably clothed in anti flash, to see if your fire detectors are working.
Wishing you a speedy recovery. Tre


Book Reviewer
Wait till the grandkids are watching and then ignite one or two farts, that'll impress them and give them something to write about at school

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