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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by wompingwillow, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Ok I'm proabley being really thick here and more than prepared for incoming, I'm going to put it down to the fact I was up till 3 this morning trying to finish an essay and I'm still working on it now, anyway stuck a direct quote from a website in ( all souced etc) but for some reason it's pasted with a blue back ground,

    how do I get rid of the blue background

    Yours a very tired and stressed and blonde

    Womping willow
  2. Womps its just a Hyperlink, it means that if you send in your paper electronically the marker will be able to open it, the quoted site, directly.
  3. no the wording is not blue ( not a link) the actual background ( for want of a better explanation) the paper has turned blue,
  4. Wompers

    If you select the area with the backgroand colour then select the format drop down menu and then select borders and shading, then shading, then no fill with luck your problem will disapear.
  5. :thumright: :w00t: :boogie:

    now for your next trick could you write me 500 words on the caused of stockholm syndrome?!
  6. I don't think I know 500 words, is the order important? Try googling patty hearst or have I got the wrong syndrome.
  7. OOppss, my fault for trying to be a clever sod...should have returned the Chunky Watch and got my brain re-issued.
  8. yes Patty Hearst was one of the most famous sufferers I'm focusing my report on a young Austrian Girl who was held for 10 years by the name of Natascha Kampusch, I've got 1,143 words now.

    However I would be happy to take Miss Kampusch kidnapp myself and shove her down a big hole for being such an annoying person to find information on and write about.
  9. In all fairness, the poor girl is just an ordinary person trying to rebuild her life and hasn't had a full year outside her "prison" yet.

    As regards the errant background colour, Maxi's advice looks good.; assuming you are using MS Word. If it's on your VDU, it could be display settings have gone awry. Checkable via Start, Settings, Control Panel, Display, Appearance, Window colour.
  10. I have now completed my essay on her, and I now wish to take sigmund freud and shove him up his own mothers arse to see if he still loves her as much, hate is a very frickly emotion for me now adays and is usually directed at the person or persons in any essay due in the next 48 hours.

    Yes Maxi's tip worked just fine anyway thanks
  11. Wow, something worked, I may get all carried away with myself
  12. it sure did give yourself a big pat on the back :glomp: :wav: maxi :wav:
  13. ; but make sure her surname isn't Hearst!
  14. In her day, if my alcohol addled brain cells are working correctly, she was quite a looker.
  15. what is this sober of which you speak!? I thought it was a type of irish bread..........can bread be capable of inderpendent thought and find models turned terroists turn actors good looking? Prehaps I did my physcology paper on the wrong subject

    Now were did I put the pussers
  16. I take it all back she is a wonder women, who should be appluded ( just got my essay back with top marks awarded :D
  17. Well done, now where was that pussers you were talking about, exercising my OAPs bus pass to go home tonight.

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