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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by SJRM_RN, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. My back garden is full of these ...


    Apparently it is a Fieldfare, which is a member of the thrush family. They are about the size of a Thrush or Blackbird. I have never seen them before but according to the RSPB website they will come into gardens if the surrounding countryside is snowed in.

    It is not my picture by the way
  2. I like wee birds.
  3. We had some carrier pidgeons and wee chaffinches gather on the flats' doorstep when I used to bring out bird nuts for them.

    Wee buggers would follow me to the shops, landing at my feet every few metres!
  4. Brave little buggers, feed them once and they will even land on your hand for scran.
  5. Fieldfares and their cousins the Redwings fly to the UK every winter to escape the cold weather in Scandinavia.They may as well have stayed at home this year.
  6. Saw one in my garden this morning squabbling with a blackbird over an apple core I'd thrown out for the birds.

    I thought it was a fat thrush until I saw this thread :D
  7. So the missus has not been too well over Crimbo. Saw one of these in the garden thisalvo :roll: :D

  8. I like apples as well, do they drink Blackthorn??????
  9. When I worked at the Priory [No I wasn't a Monk]we used to collect the apple windfalls and store them in the greenhouse and shed over a time the apples rot down and release the sugar, the birds love this and is good for there vital nutrients etc. So if you have any well rotted apples take them into the garden or woodland for the birds.

    The killjoy way to help the birds is to stop the kids running in the woodlands and frightening the birds they burn of badly needed calories.
  10. Mine must be a wimp then 'cos the blackbird saw him off without too much problem.

    Maybe we could arrange a fight between my blackbird and your fieldfare?

    Winner gets a rotten apple.
  12. We have had a fieldfare in the garden for the last few days. Lovely thing and it's been going nuts for some pears which were going over (and probably mildly fermenting). He must be a pongo bird, 'cause he's an alky fighter :D
  13. He is now a Mongrel Matelot so no worries. :)
  14. :D fooking boring cnuts almost enough to make me come off the wagon instead got the rifle out to sort the feathered fcuckers out :D Birds is birds and if there big enough you trough the fcukers. How the fcuk did we win the Falklands with you 6th columnist cnuts 8O
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I always thought that where birds of the feathered variety were concerned, matelots had only 3 or 4 choices:
    1 - Shite-Hawk
    2 - the AUD, or Arse-Up-Duck
    3 - LBJ, or Little Brown Job
    4 - some generic name for everything else, (oozlum bird?).

    The fact that matelots have time to debate the identification of a Fieldfare, their food preferences, and their migratory aspects, indicates that people have waaaay too much time on their hands! :)
  16. I recommend one of these:

    Or if you are feeling particularly flush:
  17. Ah, England's answer to the AYA No1 8O :D
  18. I fart in your general direction.
  19. Thought you might! :D

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