Back from Raleigh, still in one piece!!!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Stepto, Dec 20, 2008.

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  1. Hello to all. I'm back on two weeks leave until I have my last three weeks of training to do until I pass out. Hope everyone on here is well and I've not missed out on too much!
    Raleigh has been quite good fun so far and most of the advice from this forum has come in very handy. Wish I'd got a bit fitter before I went as the physical side of the training has been hard. The rest has been quite straight forward. Harder then I thought it would be but hey ho.
    If anyone who is joining early next year wants to say hi, that would be great.

    Kind regards,
  2. Well done for making it this far and coming back to tell us. You're probably as fit now as you'll ever be (unless you become a diver). Have a great leave!
  3. Hi Stepto, Glad to see you are doing fine at basic.

    Are you enjoying it? I go back on the 17th May, I can't wait.

    Is there any advice you can give us on here waiting to join?

    Enjoy your xmas leave, and keep us updated.


  4. Advice? Yeah, get as fit as you can, learn to wash and iron clothes very quickly and get ready for a huge culture shock!
    It's not too bad, the days go slowly but the weeks fly by. There is so much to learn but staying on top of all the kit is the worst bit.
  5. Welcome back - glad you survived. :w00t:
  6. Onwards and upwards. Keep her lit!!
  7. Well done youngster and keep at it and make sure you don't let your fitness levels drop too much over Crimbo. BZ so far.
  8. good effort DAS BOOT first thing i did when i woke up at home on my first leave. Was to barrack my bed!!!!!! my Mum thought i had gone mad??????? Enjoy your first leave :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  9. nice 1 :D
    im there on the 4th of jan :D
  10. That's when I'm due back. You might end up in Pellew Division then. Were you due to start last week?
  11. Glad your enjoying it. How much PT do you do then? on average how many miles are you running? happy christmas mate and good luck with the rest of basic.
  12. There's a fair deal of PT to deal with. Lots of gym work mixed in with interval training. The mile and a half run is not too bad but a few lads, myself included fell foul of the PTB test, (press ups, sit ups, sprints etc). You get plenty of chances to redo it but this just takes up time which you don't have much of! I passed it the second time but still got a bollocking for failing the first time. The 12 mile hike on Dartmoor was good fun and the pub at the end made it all worth while!!!!
  13. I want to anally rape your face.
  14. Stepto - pleased to hear your having a good time at Raleigh. I will be starting on the 18th, so that should be the sunday before you pass out?
    I dont envy you having Christmas leave in between basic, I am already finding it hard enough to balance going out/having a few drinks with keeping my fitness up for Raleigh. I am not going to worry too much though, everything in moderation as they say. :dwarf:
  15. Well done. Not been on here for a while as i cannot log in at home. But here in Tenerife no problem. Any ideas anyone..... :w00t:
  16. nah im due to start on the 4th of jan :D
  17. Glad to hear you passed second time round, sorry to bore ya and I know I should probably know, but what exectly is involved in the PTB test?

    Same as you Duth its a bit of a nightmare balacing keeping up fitness and going out getting steaming, but navy first then once your in there's gonna plenty of time for getting pissed on these famous "run's asore!"
  18. The PTB i done in the gym and involves doing 23 press ups "on the beep", 35 sit ups "on the beep" and 7 lengths of the gym in less then 59 seconds. It's not that hard to do but it's very easy to mess one of the press ups up and automatically fail the test. That's what I did.
  19. Well done so far Stepto! :thumright: Pleased you're having fun, especially lovingly tending your kit. How many items of kit did you have to sew your name into when you first joined?

    Have a nice Christmas and don't forget to iron your duvet at home every morning! :bball:
  20. Not too much sewing these days, only a couple of PT tops to sew the name onto. All the rest just needs the name putting on with marker. Mind you, we only have no.1's, 3's and 4's now!

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