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Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by seafarer1939, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. Back from Marbella and I know holiday talk and snaps are boring but I thought I'd share a couple of points.
    1.I went to the Marina and looked at the millionaires yachts,just toys for the boys really.14 massive 3 deck yachts[just smaller than a frigate really!] and not one under 10 Million,top one was 80 million.
    In two weeks not one left the moorings!crew member told me they rarely went to sea!Point is that out of the 14, one was registered in Belize the rest were London registered flying the Red duster. Some money in London still, I reckon.
    2.There were so many topless beauties that I nearly had a stroke and the wife had a monk on for two weeks.
    3.Forget all the Ferarri's Aston Martins etc the main car is not the Merc,it's Mini Coopers,Land/Range Rovers by the score.
    4.Never been to a bull fight but it was on Spanish TV all the time and if that's classed as a sport I'll show my arse in Tesco's window. The bull looked knackered, too tired to charge,or drugged up!the brave bull fighter kept sticking 6 or 8 spears in it's back until it weakened then he finished it off with a proud flourish!Brave?it's pathetic.
    5.Came out of the sea after a swim and a Irish couple were sitting on the rocks,the old woman called out “Was the water Wet?†I said “Yes and cold†She said “As long as the water was wet that's OK!†I love the Irish speech. Bless her.
    6.Sat at breakfast with a German couple in their 40's,every morning he had two fried eggs covered with grated carrots and his wife had four hard boiled eggs!Bloody strange people are the Germans.
    Three questions.
    1. WTF happened with that grounded sub?not much in the Spanish papers except amusement[Because of Gib]
    2.How did the boxing lad get on?
    3.Met an EX RN Stoker there,his wife told me he still wakes up at night screaming with memories of his time in the Borneo jungle,now he was a couple of years younger than me and he remembered his Service number and it was about right compared to mine but what action would a Stoker see in the Borneo jungle that would still haunt him? I was out there in the early 60's but I thought just the Booties,Ghurkas and the Army were in the shit forest.
    He was surprised I had no medals and told me I was entitled to 6! due to ten years service. I won't wear medals unless I have won them and as I never saw action it's not my thing but it was his as he had them after serving 9 years. Just had me wondering.
  2. I can answer a couple

    No 1) Investigation on-going (ie witch hunt) but the boat appears to be Ok.

    No 2) Young Tim the Zoid lost his bout but is cracking on with the training for the next one.

    No 3) No idea
  3. Welcome back,

    But where are the Piccies?

    Topless - For the Boys :wink:

    Ex-Stoker - For Sterling-Stirling :twisted:
  4. Got no topless piccies as the wife may go topless as well and I don't want that! Got a couple of the rich boys yachts but I can't figure out how to upload them, I'll try again.
    Not going on holiday again,what happens is a sub runs aground and we end up with the French telling our Forces what to do in certain cases, all in my holiday two weeks.
    I'll put it plainly,if we want to win a war we need to have British command,if we want to fight a strategic retreat casting our arms away we can have a French commander!
    WTF can the French tell our Forces about winning battles,Dien Ben Phu,Algeria,selling Exocets to the Argies during the Falkland conflict.
    Stuff them,Cameron is a gullible twat, and I voted for him!
    Slash the corrupt foreign aid and we don't need the French.IMO.
    I forecast the young boxer will win his next fight! I lost my first three as a boy and ended up with 24-2-3 record.
    you soon learn the game after a loss or two.Good luck to him.
  5. I knew an old and bold ex-stoker PO in Guzz. I was in the throws of leaving the mob, his missus was about my age but he was about 15 years older and he had stories about Borneo. Stokers used to go out with the booties to look after the engine, be it outboard or whatever, and he saw a few things that he said he would never forget.

    just sayin' like
  6. thanks,he was probably one of that crew.He never struck me as a tall tale teller,I just never knew stokers went in theatre,well not that one,but it makes sense when you look at it.
    In Singers a few of us gunners went into the jungle for a two week course,Bollocks to that I thought afterwards,there are things in there that bite you!there were also things in Bugis St that bit you but at least you could get rat arsed there.
  7. Luckily I managed to get some pics of your wife topless, I have sent them to Bastion for the boys morale !!
  8. Over 2 year old pics, they must be interesting @[email protected]
  9. Late 65 early 66 the river patrols in Borneo were done in virtually anything that would float with an engine on it.
    I've seen em use dories, whaler type boats, but smaller, and geminis.
    We did one in a friggin cutter, real fast get-away boat.
    Stokers always in boat mate and an RO.
    Used to be loads of Kiwi and Oz matelot's doing the patrols up river.
    Our base was Kuching and you got took over from singers by the sweepers which were the 8th Assault group.
    There used to be some mad ****** driving an hover craft who was SBS but they fucked him off to Brunei as far as I remember.
    Long time ago now, and gallons of Larger under the bridge.
    I did see something really orrible in Borneo, this married RP got a picture of his missus, it was fuckin revolting a fat ****** with just stockings and a garter belt, I was only a sprog and needed therapy.
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