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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. So, I had a spare hour to do nothing in. Thought I would put my feet up with a cuppa and laugh at the 'sorry excuse for human beings' aka chavs on Jeremy Kyle.

    A white as snow couple come on stage for a public slating. The lass says she is sure her fella is the father of her daughter and not the bloke she had a one night stand with. Fair doos, her fella thinks the baby is his, couple in love blah blah blah blah blah :roll:

    THEN, Jezzer shows a picture of their daughter................she's black! Now, either both guests are totally deluded, stupid and have no concept of biology or the dude is that frigging desperate to stay with this munter, that he'll lie to himself!

    Seriously love, you knew when the sprog popped out 10 shades darker than white, that your fella isn't the father! I swear the government need to cull people like this, so stupid that they threaten to eradicate the human race with stupidness!

    I'm now plotting to take up a perm residence in the JK studio, with a sniper rifle and flask of tea.
  2. I forget what its called but there is a biological freak whereby white parents will have a black kid and the other way around. But in this case the slag probably just slept with a black guy.
  3. Yeah but DNA test came backthat he wasn't related full stop :lol:
  4. If there has been a black ancester then it is possible for a whire couple to have a black child.
    However what did the DNA test state? :oops:

    However with it being the Jeremy Chav show, the bloke probably admitted sleeping with a black girl resulting in the end result :p
  5. Aren't you glad your a lesbian Slim, none of this sort of bother.
  6. Well technically all of us have black ancestors having only shuffled up to Europe 60,000 years ago, though not sure if it stays in the genes for that long. Have to say I would be intrigued/enraged if my white wife/girlfriend gave birth to a non white child (though as long as it wasn't ginger I'd probably help raise it anyway).
  7. My missus is due in Oct!! Standfast if it looks like the geezer that delivers pizzas!!!
  8. My ex-husband is of African blo :lol: od; nearly had a heart attack when my son popped out white!!

    Although, his colouring kicked in within 24hrs
  9. It's funny how all babies are born with blue eyes, wonder why that is?
  10. That's the bigman up there ^^, his way of taking the p*ss, just for fun
  11. I once gave birth to something rather large and comfortingly brown, it had a rather cute face but was adverse to wearing nappies come to think of it it could have been stillborn judging by the smell
  12. Maybe he IS the father - but she aint the mother? innit? Loike
  13. Did the baby look anything like this?

  14. Bitch
  15. i once said to a woman who i was in the middle of shagging on the pill.....yea....ok well if you do get pregnant promise me you will scramble its brains.

    i cant believe she carried on when i sobered up the next day.
  16. 8O

    Kyle ? you must be very bored at home these days, it's on a par with Springer ... at least so I'm told !!


    By the way, did you ever get the info you were seeking on your grandad ?
  17. Barely get time to myself but when I do, I like to laugh at people's misfortunes :twisted:

    Yeah ta :D
  18. I must admit, I also saw this Jezza Kyle as i'm off work for the week. I know it is possible, through a dormant gene etc etc, but my girlfriend and I both pissed ourselves when he showed the picture of the baby, there was no way one earth that deluded fool was the father!
  19. .............and then she said............wait for it................'I looked mixed race when I was a baby'...............erm, yeah right love!
  20. haha, i'd forgotten that bit. The stupid cow!

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