Baby P council official appeals against sacking

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Backpacker1uk, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. double tap !!
  2. I'm not being funny but this is the scum reporting on this!!

    And no i dont support the actions of the social worker before someone jumps on me!!
  3. Considering the brass neck this woman has already shown in defending her failure as a manager, is this really a surprise. One can only hope that if she persists that she is completely pilloried in the press, and becomes unemployable ever again in any government or local government position.
  4. Someone needs to set that bitch on fire… :threaten:
  5. Disgusting woman.
  6. Oh sh*t twice in the same day, I must go and lie down
  7. What is thatcher in the news as well?
  8. Other than my comment that as she didn't flog Scotland of to the highest bidder we must have had some value, I don't think so.
  9. I do hope that justice is done and not only is the case against the council dismissed but that the council are awarded their costs of defending the case. this way the ratepayer will not be hit.
  10. She spoke warmly about her former Master of the Peasants Tithes, Walters, who is stoking the fires ready for her impending arrival...... :w00t:
  11. I have a fine bottle of Glenlivet Nadurra set aside.
  12. Sadly, I'd be willing to bet that she wins her case. She oversaw an awful, inept system, even if it was woefully undermanned, but UK employment law is so much on the side of just such inepts that she'll have to get a payoff.
  13. Playing Devil's Advocate lets not forget for all her ineptitude Shoesmith did not murder Baby P. Nor was hers the only organisation that was woefully inadequate. The actual abuse and subsequent murder is down to the toe-rags now in prison who hopefully are having a very very rough time.
  14. Quite clearly Ms Shoesmith did not kill the poor kid, but she, on prime time TV, did try to suggest that her department was actually performing well when it was clearly not performing properly at all. That is I suspect why most of us detest the woman and hope she fails in her claim and is never employed by the public purse again. In my humble opinion her actions on TV were gross misconduct and as such merit instant dismissal without compensation.
  15. Spot on there Maxi and even though she did not actually kill the poor child, it was HER department who could not protect the children they were supposed to. Remember, this was NOT THE FIRST time that her department had let down a young child.

    She was negligent, guilty of gross misconduct and deserves to be left to rot without any compensation at all. :rambo:
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I am not defending her subsequent actions or attitude to the media following the tragic death, but everyone has 20/20 vision with hindsight...
  17. She and her totally useless department already had plenty of experience of 'hindsight' with the Victoria Climbe case a couple of years before. How much 'hindsight' does this blind inpet insect of a woman actually want?
  18. What happened to "The buck stops here"?
    She was a highly paid executive in charge of a department, if she had run the department correctly the incident would never have occurred.
    She is guilty of Gross negligence and as such deserved to be sacked without compensation.
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Oh I agree. I was referring to some of the more flavoursome comments about her worthwhile as a human being by some other members... :oops:

    Yes she should face the full force of her own disciplinary process, and any 'ambush defence' from her that she was running an under-staffed and over-worked department should be instantly dismissed, because it should have been her resonsibility to identify this personnel issue at the earliest opportunity before something tragic occurred...

    She didn't; and guess what happened? And that is why she should have to face the consequences of her (in)action, and answer to her superiors. And her conscience.

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