Baby hurt by firework lit in shop

I still haven't worked out what an "industrial firework" is but that is indeed what they called it.

I saw the CCTV footage of it last night and the proprietor trying to boot it outside. Brave bloke, I thought.
I'm pretty stumped as to what an industrial firework is, but if I had a gun to my head, my guess would be one of those specially made for the big displays you see.
From the accounts that I have seen, and whilst not arguing in any way with the general condemnation of what was a stupid thing to do, the report that suggested that the infant was hospitalised seems to be nothing more than disingenuity. The baby was upstairs, well out of any danger from the firework and was taken to hospital for NO APPARENT REASON OTHER THAN TO FURTHER SENSATIONALIZE THE STORY. The sprog was checked for any smoke inhalation effects and was immediately discharged, presumably with a clean bill of health, notwithstanding the liklihood of catching MRSA or C-Diff. In my humble opinion, the child was in more danger from a needless trip to the local A&E than from the firework. Still, why spoil a good story with the truth?
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