Baby due whilst partner will be away

My partner is due to start training at HMS Raleigh at the end of the year, and I've recently found out I am pregnant and would be due around halfway through.
I don't want to delay his training at all or hold him back, but I know it would be difficult if he won't get any time away. Is it possible to contact him while he's there (even if it is just to let him know)? And would he have to notify anyone before that his circumstances have changed (or will change) since signing up?
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but would appreciate any advice on the situation.
He will need to inform the AFCO as there has been a change in personal circumstances and to discuss the implications of being away whilst you are pregnant. You will be able to have regular contact with him while he is in training.


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In my day the skipper would have told me " The shipbuilder only needs to be there for the laying of the keel, he does not need to be there for the launch of the ship:)"


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My advice would be to get your partner to talk to the afco as soon as possible.

He will be able to contact you, its not like prison! The best thing to do now is get advice from the rn directly.

If it reassures you, you aren't the first couple in this position so please dont worry too much.
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