Baby Bouncing in India

And this is the country that we send £millions in 'aid' to !!!!!! :angry4:
We probably paid for the blanket that catches these poor babies.

As a father I am so :angry5: at the stupid fcukwits that promote\do\believe that this is 'normal'. Yeah I know, I know, 'define "normal" ' - well it aint this.


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Honestly. Look what happens when we pull out of the fucking pace. They start throwing their infants off balconies as if they were lemmings. This wouldn't have happened if we didn't give them their independence. In fact, look at all these other countries we did the same to. They've all gone down the shitter. Fucking savages. You dig them a latrine and they shit in the bushes. We should bomb them back into their mud huts.
We should invite them up to the UK with our open border policies. Perhaps if we were to house, clothe, feed, pay and educate them then this practice may well come to a halt.

I don't mind having to pay extra taxes and seeing local people being unable to find a place to live if we can help these people.

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