Babies Heads & Ditty Box ?

Did find 'Babies Heads' once, but cannot remember where or when.

I've still got a ditty box full of completely stupid and useless articles to anyone except me. Like a plastic badge with a number on from a Bangkok bar........... :oops:
My stuff is all in my little brown case-------

Still got the name stamp and housewife -----collar studs and paper collars
cap tallies badges etc etc never really had the time to throw it all out !

Good memories



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Still got a ditty box, babies heads are made by the same people who make the tinned pies (with bogies and finger nails in) aren't they? Can't remember the name, half tempted to go and shake the wife to ask her, probably not a good move though.


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tiddlyoggy said:
lesbryan said:
tiddlyoggy said:
Jenwren said:
Fray Bentos?
Yeah, that's the ones. Ta.
Frey bentos is corned dog . Babies heads are kidney ??? and clacker where do we go from here ?????? :D
Fry Bentos also do tinned pies and, I think, babies heads. The Mrs. will no doubt drag me down the supermarket shortly, I'll have a look.[/quote]
I've bought them in the past, so I know they do!

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