Babcock cutting up to 600 jobs in Guzz

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by hodge, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. Babcock said today that up to 600 of it's people could loose their jobs because of a lack of submarine refit work. To see more click here...

    Seriously got to feel for them... there only about 3,000 people left in the yard, yet their being forced to do other jobs because of lack of people.. obviously a good enough reason for the yanks to cut 600 people... disgust

    EDIT:: already being talked about..
  2. They knew about these cuts as far Back as 2005.

    At least BABCOCK are bringing more surface work. The yard has been over manned for years, and have not been able to diversify correctly.

    Yes we are all sad when things change but with a smaller navy and more reliable equipment there is less need for the yards.

    Go to the PLYMOUTH HEARLD WEB and see some of the comments made by the Yardies and other members of the public.

    Lots of work still available, so possibly the contractor staff will be cut first.
  3. Edit noted but that Thread is supposed to be about the Naval Base. This Thread is specifically about the Dockyard Contractor; sorry, Partner.

    The more reliable equipment would be good when we get it.

    The Contractors' staff that aren't Babcock's may not be that quick to ship out as IPTs increase the amount of CLS.
  4. Which yanks are these then?
  5. Babcock International is an american company...
  6. Oh no they're not!

    registered in London.

    The previous owners were KBR (Kellogg, Brown & Root) who were owned by Halliburton (who are yanks). Halliburton put KBR up for sale last year, which led to MoD involking the special share provision and forcing Halliburton / KBR to divest DML.

    In this case it's porridge wogs to blame, not yanks.
  7. Taken from Wiki I admit,

    But, if this is the case, I think you will find that the original parent company will still hold a very significant stake in them
  8. Funny thing eh Rosyth just happens to be in Gordon Browns Fife patch and if I'm not mistaken Des Browne's neck of the woods.
  9. Which still doesn't make them yanks - and certainly not the board members who make the decisions. I was trying to make sure that the difference between the current and previous "owners" of Devonport was understood.
  10. Not in Broon's constituency, but in the one next to his. He does, however, live in that constituency.

    Broone, on the other hand, is a Weegie.
  11. Funny thing is, well not funny for you if you work for them at faslane is they are doing the same here as they did to Rosyth. Selling it of bit by bit, taking on more work and reducing the workforce that does the work.

    Whether the are Yanks or Brits they are there to provide a service to the MOD and in my opinion the service they provide is a load of crap.
  12. Babcock International is not an American company and there is no connection with Babcock & Wilcox any more, or any shareholding by B & W in Babcock International. I don't think that the Babcock International entry in Wiki is correct.

    Babcock Interenational is the holding company which owns subsidiary's such as Babcock Engineering Services (owns & run Rosyth), Babcock Naval Services (Faslane contract holder), Babcock Defence Services (several Army & RAF support contracts), Babcock Infrastructures (part of the Debut consortium for the Single Living Accom upgrade and also the holder of two regional defence infrastructure contracts) etc.

    Babcock & Wilcox licenced their boiler design around the world many, many years ago & this technology was used in UK, as well as other countries Warships. That's the historical connection - it comes from the use of Babcock boilers & steam turbines in ships . As a result of this Babcock & Wilcox went in to a Joint Venture with Thorn (Babcock Thorn) to run Rosyth when it was contractorised in the 1980s 7 to refit ships & submarines that used their, or similar, technology. The JV was completely seperated from B & W at some time later and Babcock Thorn was then spun off as an independent company, becoming Babcock International, when B & W's core strategy changed. Babcock & Wilcox decided to concentrate on its power station business (& not defence support), particularly as the future for Rosyth was bleak at the time, and eventually B & W was sold out to Matsui & then to Doosra.

    Babcock International subsequentley bought the Rosyth yard from the MoD in the 1990s and when they lost the contract for the Trident Refit complex to Devonport, Babcock was invited to tender for the contract to run Faslane as compensation! At around the same time Babcock acquired several other companies including Hunting Contract Services (Now Babcock Defence Services) and SGI (formerly part of the PSA & now Babcock Infrastructures), amongst others.

    Babcock was reclassified as a Support Services Company on the UK Stock Exchange about 4 years ago. It now also has rail infrastructure, power line infrastructure and nuclear infrastructure companies in its portfolio so it oiis not a wholly defence support company. And, has of course, recently bought DML from the consortium that previously owned ithe Devonport Dockyard (KBR, Balfour Beatty & Weirs).

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