BAA announce radical runway restructure.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by JamesH, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. JamesH

    JamesH New member

    Following the recent near disaster at Heathrow, its operators BAA have announced a radical restructuring of runway 27L.


  2. skyvet

    skyvet Supporters - GCM

    Now that IS funny!! Cheers for the laugh
  3. Backpacker1uk

    Backpacker1uk War Hero

    This has been posted before JH still funny though
  4. rod-gearing

    rod-gearing War Hero

    Mint. PMSL especially as Im flying this week.
  5. Jace

    Jace New member

    Nice one ! Very funny.

  6. Backpacker1uk

    Backpacker1uk War Hero

    I fly every fortnight mate and am still waiting for Ryan Air to pump up those fecking tyres
  7. Chaz

    Chaz War Hero

  8. thingy

    thingy Supporters - GCM

    PMSL! :lol:

    I've forwarded it to the Secretary of State for Transport for his consideration ;)

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