BA in 1982 - how many???

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by SS-super-stoker, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Nothing to do with the A Team.

    For dissertation purposes.

    Can anyone give a rough figure for number of BA sets / spare bottles / smoke masks fitted to the RN frigates and destroyers in 1982?

    (Asked before, but think it got lost in 'naval history' - or you are all ignoring me).
  2. Not enough !!

    I seem to recall that post Falklands there was a significant uplift. I believe that SMs went from about 8 to 12 BA sets - obviously constrained by stowage capacity. No knowledge of GS uplift
  3. Thought we'd got an airline thread going, pity.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    HMS Argonaut (Leander Class), pre-Falklands: 12 sets & 6 spare bottles.
  5. Ok I crack! What is or was a BA?
    I'm guessing at breathing aparatus.
    Do I get a cigar?
  6. I thought we maybe talking about Tridents by now!!!
  7. Ninja does it again - answers a question with the right information.

    You sure you should be here mate? :thumright:

    And sussex2, yes BA is / was breathing apparatus, whilst AB is a shaved monkey who swings on ropes, ties knots and paints anything, especially grease nipples and anything marked as 'do not paint' on the ships plans.
  8. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    T42 had twenty ICABAS, I believe and about the same amount of spare bottles. They had two 5665 Smoke Masks at each section base and eight SSD escape devices, two in each machinery space.

    Did you get my did regarding the 'device', by the way?

  9. Dont know what ships had in 82.

    But a 23 today has 30 BA sets. And either 12 or 16 spare bottles. Cant rember wether each section base has 6 or 8 spare bottles.
  10. Couldnt tell you how many we took down, but we came back with more ? Wondering how ? I was serving on ARROW which was alongside the SHEFFIELD after she was hit. When we eventually gave up all hope, all the BA sets on the SHEF available was passed over to our ship. There was some bemused faces when we returned them back to the naval base in Guzz, as they all the HMS Sheffield stenciled on the cylinders.

  11. Not enough and less than the BoT required merchant ships with a lot less crew to carry…

    Nylon romper suits anyone?
  12. Cheers mate, I did. And sorry for not replying - I honestly thought I had. Not that I'm getting old or anything.........

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