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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by MG Maniac, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. The [email protected] Fox has got into my chicken run and had all my chickens! Short of sitting outside in the cold with the 12 bore I need to think of some other way of dispatching the critter ... The only thing is I can't poison it or use a snare ...

    So ... given that you lot can normally come up with some devious (or should that be deviant) way of dealing with most things ... anyone got any ideas????????
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just make sure you read this thread first.

    Halal meat.
  3. Contact MLP immediately by PM. He is the RR authority on dispatching ALL living creatures in a guaranteed horific manner
  4. Electrify the fence, if you don't get the fox at least there'll be plenty of fried chicken for scran (where is rummer's by the way?)
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  5. Hows the fucker getting in there? Over or under? Make the fences higher, and dig them into the ground by roughly a foot if not more.

    If you kill it, one will take its place fairly quickly once it realises the abundence of food your providing. Prevent them getting to it in the first place and the problems solved. :)
  6. Contact JJ and Blackrat by pm - tell them 'Foxy' is round your gaff.

    Being a bit slow, they'll assume it is Foxy Knoxy, and turn up toot sweet with the HBM and the rest of the kit.

    Result - no more fox :-D.
  7. What about something like this, which might suggest to the fox that you have something rather bigger than a common or garden moggy indoors and that he would be well advised to pick another garden?

  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm with TrialsLife on this one, plus a couple of strands of electric fence with a good battery or even better get a mains fencer!
  9. Yep ... done that! Fences all well over 8ft with overhang out to stop the [email protected] climbing over ... and dug in 18" deep and out a foot at right angles to stop it digging under ... Damn chicken run was more like a maximum security block. Think it went in under the gate which had a 2" gap so have reinforced it with a step / wire and concrete (no more gap) and going to put a wire roof on this weekend (before restocking). Have also got a heavy duty chicken shed with an automatic door opener.

    Have tried Tiger sh*te from local zoo but its not really working and the bottled Tiger p*ss you can buy isn't a lot of good either ... works for the neighbourhood moggie but Mr Fox just walks straight over it. Electrifying the fence isn't really an option due to the fact that the wire has to be 6" off the ground and the nagging machine's horse will trip over it and break the wire. Just got to persuade it that going after the chooks is hazardous to its health! Did hear that baiting it with a bit of chicken heavily laced with chilli would moke it change its mnd but having read the thread on Halal meat and Jack visting the local kebab house not sure it would work.
  10. Deep breathe and relax.

    1. Sit in your house with your window cracked open.

    2. Keep Savage .177 HMR at hand.

    3. Shoot fox in head from comfort of your armchair [assuming fox is within 200 yards range].

    4. Do not slip in tiger cack. Do not drink tiger piss unless it is from a Tiger bottle. Do not electrocute yourself.

    5. Rinse and repeat.


  11. We can have a party, I've got one of these and I'm available most weekends.
  12. I've got one also. Great for shooting unsuspecting neighbours in the arse with!! ;-)
  13. Yeah ... got one as well. Apparently the way to do it is sit with a damn big light and make a noise like a rabbit in distress and the things come running ... shine light and shoot it between the eyes!
    Mind I am wondering if lacing a chicken portion with several nice ripe hot chillies as taste adversion therapy consititute poisoning under the Wildlife Act ... mind you knowing my luck I would have to only fox in the world that has a taste for chilli!

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