B & B & F (For that romantic weekend)

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. Had to take over the Brum club to sort out problems for a while,secretary booked me into a Hotel on the Hagley Rd,got there late,had a good sleep showered and looked out the window to see where I was and saw quite a few males lying on the lawn kissing!
    Silly mare had booked me in to a Hairy Hole Hotel,to coin a phrase.
    Left straight away but I would have stayed if it had been lesbians! At least I may have had a slim chance.
    Shouldn't these hotels have a blue plaque on them or something?
    Ain't got nothing against it but I didn't serve ten years in the Mob to be reamed in my sleep in bloody Brum!
  2. Mmm,

    Stayed at a straight hotel on Hagley Road last Spring for an uncle's 100th birthday nearby.

    Clocked into the adjacent newly refurbished Rainbow Casino - Birmingham Casino, Gaming, Fine Dining & Party Packages and won more than enough to pay for the weekend bills, drink, fuel etc.

    Nae poofters but otherwise quite happy, thank you!
  3. Know the Rainbow like the back of my hand,I was a poker dealer there for two years and saw all the heavies up from London as well as elsewhere.
    A real den of thieves where the Greeks with their long little finger nail were for ever marking the deck and it was down to me and other dealers to ensure the deck was clean.
    I loved that place,you had to pay the Casino to deal but I still made a fortune in tips.
    That was the place where a poker player passed note over to me saying "I've got a shooter under the table aimed at your nuts,deal me winning cards or I pull the trigger!"Every time I dealt him a low card I half stood up!
    Eventually the Doormen put him down and he had no gun.
    Great club I could write a book about it including the heavy up from the Smoke who walked in slammed a .45 in the pot and said"I think we'll have a straight game here won't we?"
    Reminiscing now but i had forgot about the place ,My club was the Cromell now moved to be the Grovenor. Cheers for that.
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