B&B case about 2 woofters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Handler, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. These two brownhatters have won a court battle for damages, for being refused a room because of their sexuality. What a bloody farce, these days it seems queers have more rights than anyone .
  2. No they have the same rights as anyone else...likewise the christian fuckwits that banned them have the right to refuse to allow them to stay in the hotel...but not cos they are woofters..
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  3. So let me get your eloquent and au courant post straight. You don't like homosexuals and they make you angry?
  4. In the old days Brown Hatters tried to be as inconspicuous as possible, cos they didna wanta gan to jail.
    Now they see it as pay back time, in yer face and anywhere else they can parade their beliefs.
    Suppose we had all better get used to it.:biggrin:
  5. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You're a member of the EDL as well i bet.
  6. Ang on aint that a discriminatary remark? and as such illegal.
    Be nice you fuckin pongo cockney AC/DC bastard.
    And you are probably a member of the League of Small cocks.
    White bastard.:pottytrain1:

  7. Whats yer problem wiv us League of small cocks members? Our willies may be small but you wouldn't like one on yer face as a wart:crybaby:
  8. Nothing wrong with being a cockney and liking a bit of AC\DC. Angus is a great guitar player.
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  9. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    How you have managed to get online from that hovel i've provided you with is a mystery. The overseer has some explaining to do.
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  10. Who fuckin said I wouldn't?
  11. Yes you bastard you make Malcolm X look like a charitable trust.
  12. Surely the Christians have the right to refuse the poofs, and the poofs have the right to not be discriminated against because they like receiving up the pooper.

    I think if the Christians didn't want them staying there they should have told them to feck off and not made a fuss about it being because they're gay. They benders should then have said "OK. We'll find elsewhere" and fecked off. Unfortunately for everyone involved, and now us who has to hear about it, it didn't go quite like that and now the news are making a big thing of it.

    In short, people are *******

    Sorry for interrupting your white power/black rights discussion. I'm off again. Laters
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  13. As Bob Hope once said: ' I live in California where they've made homosexuality legal. I'm moving before they make it compulsory '
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  14. I used to be a member of the EDF until I got charged!
  15. I like ELO..............does that mean....... I've 'come out!' :happy7:
  16. Whilst clearly wishing to distance myself from the moronic start to this thread I do feel this is a philosophical dilemma.

    I do not like homophobia, and regardless of my views discrimination on grounds of sexuality is illegal anyhow, so this is a clear cut case in the eyes of the law and most fair minded people. However, though not religious myself, I do believe in the freedom for people to practise their faith as long as it doesn't affect others and of course there is a very strong argument that their behaviour did affect others :)duckie::cuddle:) - though I would think that little real distress was caused; no more than a broken fingernail perhaps. There are plenty of B&Bs.

    As a counter argument though the God-botherers have had their freedom of religious expression curtailed to some extent (not to mention bank balance hit). Their interpretation of their Holy book is against homosexuality and they wished to run their B&B along those lines. It's a bit 'this is my club, if you don't like how it's run don't join'. We do have to be careful of religious intollerance of course, but I do think that the pastel colour loving fellows could have just said "oh well, these religious nutjobs don't want us to do it here, let's go to the one next door - 'Mrs Miggins Leather Cap B&B' should be OK. She'll probably have the rugby on the telly as well"

    Told you I was a free thinker - just don't tell my comrades or the Men in Black OK?]

    Edit to add: I do agree with the legal outcome here - I just think people should have been a bit grown up about the whole matter. Tolerance is a many sided coin.
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  17. So I suppose hanging a board outside the B&B saying no Blacks, Foreigner’s, Homosexuals, Lesbians, Spastics, DHSS, RumRats and Weirdoes allowed, The management have the right to refused entry. Is not classed as politically correct?;-P:naka::evil5:
  18. I couldn't give a **** about peoples' sexuality and I couldn't give a **** about what people believe.

    What does grip somewhat is when people demand respect for their sexuality, or for their religious beliefs as in - "Treat me special because I'm 'whatever'."

    The sexuality of a person wishing to rent a room in a B&B should never have been raised, and the religion of the owners should have remained unknown.

    I'm all for freedom of religious belief but totally against freedom of religious expression. Similarly with sexuality. Like what you want, but don't insist that everybody else like the same thing and demand the right to practise whatever you like wherever you like and thus frighten the horses.
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  19. Concur entirely!
  20. I used to know a bible basher in the mob; he used to walk around with a bible in his hand.
    He tried to tell me about God, my reply was your hobby is bible bashing mine is pissing up, you don’t preach to me and I will not funnel ale down your neck, we got on well after that.
    He was surprised when my daughter many moons ago asked to be taken to church, bang went my lie in, luckily only lasted a few weeks before she was bored.

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