Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by scousehillier, Oct 9, 2008.

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  1. I am an x Sonar rating and I am wondering what this AWPF is all about.

    I know it is upper deck sentry but what else at sea and alongside?

    Is it upper deck sentry duty in harbour and batton duty etc ?
  2. You just about covered it yourself.
    There may well be opportunities in the future for boat cox'ns etc but for the most part it is standing/walking around with a GPMG/A2 on either RN/RFA out on ops.

    For us 'civvies' its a chance to get away from our normal jobs to foreign climes and do something else.
  3. Cheers ace for the reply.

    For training...I best start flashing a torch light in the eyes of unsuspecting neighbours as they walk down the street and shout NAVY STAND STILL (or whatever it is these days).

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