Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Jam99, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. If someone has been AWOL for 9 months and now wants to go back and sort things out, what is the best way to do it? Will the fact that you go back on your own make things better? What is the worst punishment you can get if you want to stay in?
  2. Have you been a naughty little sailor Jam99?
  3. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I would think that some sort of visit to Colchester for a suitable 're induction' programme would be likely as a starter.

    As for the individual wanting to stay in - well I don't think that decision is in their hands.......
  4. All cases are individual, so without knowing the details the outcome is difficult to predict, but turning yourself in is always going to be better than getting picked up bythe patrol.

    SgtPepper is the most up to date with these matters and may be able to give you some quality advice when he comes back from his easter break.
  5. Go to your local Police Station and turn yourself in.
    Whats the alternative, living a lie for the rest of your life wondering when you're going to get your collar felt?
    Get it over with, do your time and start afresh.
    A relative of mine did 6 months in Colchester, for a serious assault on a German civvy, and was Discharged after sentence, but is now a successful happily married man. He regrets what he did but has moved on with his life.
    I'm sure that once you get yours sorted, you'll be able to do the same.
  6. Mate turn yourself in.
    Your life is on hold at the moment, get it over with and then you can move on.
  7. A friend of mine fairly recently went awol for 60 odd days. He got 28 days colchester the SNLR. But as already said all cases are individual. But i would expect a trip to colchester.
  8. youve been hiding for 9 months - god your a better hide-and-seeker than Madelaine McCann
  9. Jam, think of your opportunity to visit Colchester at HM expense as an opportunity to experience naval training as (probably) was in the G Spot.... Oooooo, I'm almost tempted to offer to stand in for you, just to satisfy my curiousity, but only tempted! :biggrin: All that history....
  10. "jam99, If someone has been AWOL for 9 months the rating may be charged with desertion even if they give themselves up. The rating will no doubt end up with 60 or 90 days Detention at Colchester and then chucked out with SNLR on their papers.

    They can always change their name to Mick O'Toole by deed poll and join the Army. Who knows the ex RN rating might go on to be decorated with a Victoria Cross like Leslie Robinson alias John Kenneally VC did back in WW2.

    "John Kenneally was born, he claimed, Leslie Robinson on 15th March 1921, and grew up on a farm in the north of England and was sent to the King Edward Grammer School in Birmingham for his education. There he excelled at games and was a patrol leader in the Scouts. On his 18th birthday he joined the Royal Artillery TA, and at the start of the Second World War was mobilised. He was posted to an anti-aircraft battery in Dollis Hill, north London, but this he found insufficiently exciting. Early in 1941 he fell in with some Irish labourers who persuaded him to desert and accompany them to Glasgow. They gave him an identity card bearing the name of John Patrick Kenneally, a labourer who had returned to Ireland."

    PS: If the army does not suit, you can always desert again and join the RAF calling yourself Paddy Murphy.
  11. Get yourself a good Divisional Officer, lie like a hairy egg ,make lots of aplogies and say what a big mistake youv'e made. Then get cheeky and ask for your backpay when you get off with it.
    Still with JPA you probably heven't even been missed yet just having a long stand-easy.
    Best of luck by the way
  12. Thanks for the messages.

    Have decided to go back so just getting my head around stuff. Not been in any trouble before so hoping that will help. I thought I needed just a few days to sort some stuff out but then stayed out a bit longer but I know I have to face up to it.

    Does it always be desertion instead of AWOL after this long? I had a fair idea I'd probably end up in Collie alright - have heard some bad stories from before but not really sure what to expect these days.

    Is it better to go back to base - even call ahead - or does it make a difference just to go to police as I amn't close to base. Is it normally DBs before Colchester or go there straight away?

    Last question - is it seperate for RN at Colchester or is everybody together. Do you wear RN kit or something else?
  13. I beleive you all wear your own Uniform but mess together.The Staff there are Tri service.Of course theres always the other Option.

    The French Foreign Legion!!!!
  14. No its CS95s for all. You will have to collect kit from Nelson slops before you go. bodyarmour, weabing, helmet etc etc. Expect to be rolling around in shit for quite a bit.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    You would be amazed how many of those on the trot, have a "dawning of realisation" after a while that their pay & bank accounts don't work & neither does their state pension, nor do they qualify for a "JobSeekers" allowance, nor can they renew a passport, get a council house, vote & suchlike - they then pitch-up at their local AFCO.

    No matter how dire the circumstances may seem at the time (terminally ill parent, pregnant girlfriend, ship deploying, Mum & Dad separating, etc.,) there is actually an organisation which is extremely supportive of those that require help, it's called SSAFA (and indeed NPFS also). Sadly, people stop communicating & just make it worse for themselves or possibly demand more than is actually required or simply stop listening to those trying to help.

    The fact is, if there's a genuine need for help, it's there. If the individual takes it upon themselves to simply cut & run without communication, then there's a mechanism in place for those eventualities also.

    If someone goes AWOL, then there may well be a warrant for arrest as they may owe a return of service for the money invested in training them. Truth is the RN/RM is purely voluntary in the first instance, so if you run away, there's not much point wasting further money chasing after you- odds are that an unreliable employee is best discharged after paying their penance, rather than risk more money re-employing them once they return on their terms.

    Hope it works out as it should.
  16. There was a belief many years ago, which may have been an urban myth, that if you handed yourself in and still had your ID Card they charged you with AWOL. No ID Card then it was Desertion.

    You may also be better going to your nearest Naval Base rather than spending time in Plods cells, and be in transported in some uncomfortable conditions in some meat wagon.

    Just a thought.

  17. It certainly was the case in our time Nutty that to prove desertion one had to show that the person did intend never to return, rather difficult if they handed themselves in, though I believe it was once or twice. I seem to remeber though when this subject came up earlier that SPB (he who is loafing in HK at present) indicated that the current interpretation had changed. Certainly though particularly if one has good mitigation handing oneself in will always produce a the best outcome.
  18. Jam, get yourslf back, you will be in the shite, take your punishment! i have known many to enter the gates of colchester and come out wether back in service or discharged to be better well rounded people.

    pity its not available to our chav community.

    Good luck lets us know how you got on

    Achmed was charged AWOL had 7 days in nick, it was a good run ashore, too good actually and decided to extend my weekend :thumright:
  19. According to information from the RMP anyone away for that length of time will get sent to Colly and be almost certainly Y listed, ie struck off unit strength. A discharge from HM Forces is also most likely. However as Maxi says each case will be dealt in its merits. Turning oneself in to the Naval authorities is however a point in favour.
  20. i thaught desertiononly came in to play now when you were close to deploying on Telic or Herrick. And by close i thaught it was a month before.

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