Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. Our fabled Rumrat has been missing since 28 Feb.......

    Since then:

    It has rained, (as my old grannie used to say')
    Zoid has joined up
    CTPs have been binned
    Broon almost apologised over Defence Expenditure porkies
    MLP has been camping it up

    And now 2DD is getting cold feet about cycling to the Pamplona Corned Dog Factory.

    Last seen here:

    Where is the BRUMRAT when needed? Any sightings/PMs? At ROMFT? Reward?

    Concerned Communist of Canterbury.
  2. Not seen.

    I'm sure there is a valid explanation. He's probably on a beach in Australia laughing at us lot stuck in this hell hole.
  3. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Or he's still in A&E getting bits of a glass jar pulled out of his ricker.
  4. Calling Ballistic.

    You posted this:

    <<RR, have you seen the PM I sent? >>

    Did you get any response, because he has not been seen since - What have you done to him - 'fess up!
  5. That was him?

    Then who is this? I know the top one is Ja5on:
  6. May I ask how you know that's Ja5son???
  7. I had it confirmed by his mum.
  8. No I didn't get a response. I was wondering about that.

    I'm sure I didn't say anything to cause him to disappear :dontknow:
  9. It's that terrible bikini string tan line, that gives it away! 8O

    Very hypnotic indeed
  10. You're Ja5on's mum?? 8O 8O 8O
  11. NAh, if I was, chances are I would have drowned him at birth :twisted:
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    The rats probably sailing the seven seas on Norwaychris's yacht "Rumration", drinking beer & shagging hoes just like the good ole days.
  13. Stand down and recall all Search Parties. Return all gear to the Buffer's Store.

    General M&M for all involved - Dunno where he went but he's back at RR now.

    Perhaps immigration at Sydney refused him entry 'cos he's the wrong sort of black?

    ....or just the wrong sort.
  14. Not the first time he has ferked off on leave and never told anyone. :coffee2:

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