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AWFP Training proposal.


Recently announced on Big Bang weekend by an SO2 this will be the case with other branches than the AWFP and Logs specialisations being deployed.


Everyone who is deployed has to be in date NAPWT so the inference is everyone needs 518. Since more and more have been intelligently grabbed the chances of a compulsory brownie increase daily. I would suggest that everyone gets a 518 in PTP as its better in my opinion to know one end of the weapon from another whilst in a safe environment than have only PDT experience before having to sleep with one


War Hero
I'm not sure that doing the 518 shows you the difference between one end and the other ;P

Some of the people i've seen with an SA80 i wouldnt trust with a water pistol. :lol:


Lantern Swinger
flippineck said:
How about this as a proposal:

Given that you've all lost the R from you nomenculture how about you adopt RN branch titles such as Seaman Spec, the sub-branch which does gunnery now.

FP is everybody's responsibility and I think you'll find that everyone from cooks to stokers carry it out in the RN.

How about - given that we've all lost the Rs, perhaps now we can all get promoted as we're now all one big family, instead of having to wait for one killicks' slot across the country every 10 frickin years?!

Please.. :bball:
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