AWFP or Logisitcs!?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Username, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. Hey, i'm really stuck in choosing a branch. Can people please give me the positives and negatives of both UWFP and Logs?

    thankssssssss :D
  2. Re: UWFP or Logisitcs!?

    Underwater Fighting People.
  3. Re: UWFP or Logisitcs!?

    Under Water F*ck Pigs
  4. Re: UWFP or Logisitcs!?

    Under Water Forces Protection AKA Olympics sewage diversss :D
  5. Re: UWFP or Logisitcs!?

    No guys. ABOVE Water force protection.
  6. Re: UWFP or Logisitcs!?

    So AWFP then? not UWFP as per title? and original thread?
  7. Re: UWFP or Logisitcs!?

    ye my bad, type faster than i think.
  8. why not wait for branch input at your unit.

    broadly if you wish to learn small arms, stand about on deck out in the gulf, 1 year in three, make leading hand in say 7 years, petty officer in 20, chief in 25. then sea(res)- thats this months name for it, is your banyan.

    loggies deploy over the globe, including afghan, doing everything required to move goods and people about.
    same promotion scale though I would say.

    if I had my time again I would say go loggie for sure.
  9. Re: UWFP or Logisitcs!?

    Have you considered intelligence? :lol:
  10. Re: UWFP or Logisitcs!?

    Is there an echo in here?

    Is there an echo in here?

    is there an echo in here?
  11. fleetchief - Thanks, What do AWFP seamen do when they're in the gulf? what's there to protect HM ships from?
  12. Ye, dug myself a nice little hole there with that typo, aha. But abit of orginality would be nice ;)
  13. Baddies with guns I would imagine.
  14. As a an AWFP bod whose got a couple of mobs under my belt I would go logs.....if you want to be nothing more than a glorified upperdeck sentry crack-on.!
  15. Sea monsters and Suicide bomber jet skis etc
  16. Thanks 'WatchOnStopOn'.

    Merlin - You ever have anything creative to ad to things?
  17. I assume you mean add to things?

    Yes I think you will find my last comment was appropriate see here
    You will be preventing this you mong.

    Clear enough now or would you prefer it in picture format? :roll:
  18. Merlin has in fact answered your Q (with some humour)

    Try researching USS Cole!

    edited: Pipped at the post by Merlin himself :D
  19. No, that looks like a one-off thing, and sea monsters?

    I'm sure if i asked someone at the AFCO they wouldn't say "sea monsters and suicide bomber jet skis etc"

  20. F*ck off to the AFCO and stop wasting time here then! I don't whether you noticed but this is an unofficial forum hence the semi serious answers. To be blunt I gave you the answer and if you don't have a sense of humour, I think you're in for a big shock if you ever make it through training. Now f*ck off back to being trainee team till leader at McDonalds.

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