AWFP helps make history!


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When I was mobilised we were still AWFP, okay!!

On the Royal Navy website, Royal Navy Makes History, there were 8 members of WarSeaRes team from FPGRM on board for this visit providing force protection for the two ships. Plenty of dits for future use I can assure you!!
Welcome back matey.

Glad you enjoyed it. I look forward to hearing all about it over a beer or six the next time our paths cross :thumright:


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SO2Seaman said:
So does SO2Seaman however, I may not have all 6 beers!
Tsk, Tsk, Tsk - the officers of the Comms / CIS specialisation were never such light-weights in my day - whatever is the wardroom coming to! :) :) :eek:ccasion5:


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Flag Waver - My parent branch is C4ISTAR, so I are a comms bod (you can tell by the good England)

I just feel that I should make sure there is some beer left over for others (I would hate to be called selfish). I think Tall Bloke can vouch for me not refusing the odd ale at certain pubs in Breacon!

Welcome back Noemis (whoever you are) but as there were only eight of us and I am one then I am narrowing it down :thumright:

My current location marking is civvie street but still spinning war dits to anybody at work who will listen. Believe me its getting fewer and fewer the longer I am back!!

Depending on what ship you were on I suppose depends on the dit value but although it was hard work and I still have dyhydration and sunburn many weeks on :crying: we still had a few laughs.

Cold beans and burnt toast from Big Al's cafe during defence watches and to quote him " if you dont f***in like it, cook it yourself (Sir, where appropriate)" The RN catering depatment's loss is civvie streets gain. Anybody eating out in the South West of Scotland may want to ask to see the chef first!!!


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Northernlight said:
Welcome back Noemis (whoever you are) but as there were only eight of us and I am one then I am narrowing it down :thumright:
Really not difficult to work out who I am I'm afraid, however, this is not the trip you are thinking it was, we are still mobilised and 4 of us are still somewhere very hot, the others have returned to the land of liquid sunshine.

Loads of dits, some a little unsavoury!! David Cameron, airplane toilet and tissue...... (not me!!!!!!!!!!)


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About time you made it up there. Lets not forget that reserves were on the original Minesweeping effort so thats twice in 5 years we've made history in Umm Qasar. Although the Navy will never admit we were there. I have the pics to prove that the RNR were the first of the Minesweeping effort into Umm Qasar.


Glad you made it up to the NAG shippers. pity about the majority of your mobilised group who never got anywhere more dangerous than MWR Bahrain.
Total waste of time. :pukel: :toilet: :pukel:
Another pointless incorrect comment by a poor uneducated (jealous??) minority.

Have a look into it mate and i think you'll find that there are many RNR's employed in hostile areas.

I know a lad on OPTAG as we speak before heading off to sunny Kandahar, not to mention the phalanx operators mentioned briefly on another thread.

If your argument is correct then those RN bods serving on the sweepers in the gulf would be in the same bracket.

We go where we're told matey - just like all the other armed forces!
It doesn't matter whether you are put in harms way or not, what matters is that when you get the call you answer it.

I have had 2 bites of the cherry now, neither time was I in personal danger but I went where I was sent and had to leave my day job and family behind while I did so.

I am not complaining, I have nothing to be ashamed of in fact I am pleased that I was selected and deployed and hope that what I did was of value.

If the only measure of whether the RNR (or RMR or TA or RAuxAF) is of value is whether they were sent to the front line and put in mortal danger then those making such a value judgement need to take a big step backward and reconsider their own motives for making such statements.

I have absolute respect and admiration for those who do risk life and limb but would remind everyone that "they also serve who only stand and wait"
A.A.T. said:
Take a reading course. the MAJORITY of his mobilised group, i.e. more than half. i know because i was there. ENDEX.
The point i was trying to make (albeit badly) was that we go where we're told. Loads of RNR people wanted to volunteer for the phalanx operators in Basra but they weren't allowed because it was out of branch.

Many people in the RN have never been into hostile areas but i don't hear you calling them a waste of time.

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