AWFP for all?????

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by hardhat, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. Hello

    first post, be gentle......

    can someone let me know if I have to do A.W.F.P after Raleigh? I keep hearing a rumour that I have to do it, where as I fancied Logs or CIS. I've tried to get an answer from my chief but he keeps getting side tracked with other buisness during the answer.

    One AB2 has told me that we only have to do part of the AWFP training, but is unsure of what parts.

    I'm hoping for a answer here if any of you can.

  2. I'm being gentle.

    What do you mean? In particular the part I have emboldened which makes no sense to me whatsoever.

    Edit: Sorry, just noticed it's RNR so may be a perfectly sensible question.
  3. It means when i walked into the A.F.C.O, (after reading the stuff on the website and going to the recruiting evening) the job is sold to you that after Raleigh you pick your branch. At no time in the recruiting process has compulsory AWFP training been mentioned, until I hit NE training.

  4. Hmmm now this one is a confusing one. As far as i know there is no official thing from on high yet, but is instead treated differently from unit to unit. At the minute people in my unit are going into logs and MTO as well as AWFP.

    There has been rumours for ages about it becoming a country wide policy but im sure someone like SO2 seaman will be along to tell us the real gen.

    Also cant you just ask you NE DO?
  5. You choose your branch or sub-specialisation after Raleigh and, provided it is not overborne, that is then your branch. However, Year 1 training is common for all branches - weapons and safe deckhand which are really AWFP skills. Then you start your branch training in Year 2.

  6. I must admit that this question has been banded around our unit and so far, as far as i can see, those fresh out of RALEIGH should get to choose their specialisation, within reason.

    Within reason meaning - If there is space in that branch then you should be allowed to join.
  7. Forgive me for being ignorant but why would an RNR loggie or MTO have to do the safe deck hands course? These branches are not predominantly sea based.

    I would suggest that in any branch your primary aim after basic is to learn your branch. If you then require specific training for a deployment you would recieve it as part of your OPTAG.

    No point spending a week learning how not to trip over a deck eye if your never going to see one. First course Warfare Seaman branch do is weapons because thats their primary function. I would think that the last course to do would be the safe deck hands?
  8. It is my understanding that Aldis is spot on the mark.

    All NEs will conduct a basic weapons course and a basic "how to be safe on a ship" course.
    We can argue if this is correct on not for the next 10 years, however my understanding is that it is now policy.

    If we think, for a moment, of the much closer integration we now have with our Regular cousins, who all get weapon training and are taught how to be safe on a ship (we are in the Royal NAVY!), then there is an element of common sense in this shift of policy.

    OPTAG will give you basic skills of how to ensure, in a land enviroment, you don't totally screw up (I have done the 2 week OPTAG, and I believe we have now shifted to a 4 week OPTAG) however it is very difficult for the instructors to teach you life saving weapons skills if this is the first time you have ever touched a weapon. Currently most (but not all) RNR Mobilisations involve carrying a weapon, so I think for the majority of future mobilised RNRs, this is a step in the right direction.

    As for the Safe Deck Hand Course, granted, some may not got to sea, but the fact we are in the Royal NAVY does indicate that we are sailors, and sailors probably need a very basic understanding of how to be safe at sea.

    Final point, rant and rave as we might, it will not change the policy, so good luck with your weapons tests and avoiding deck clenches.

    Kind Regards

    SO2 Seaman
  9. It's all for shite anyway, if you ever end up on board you will only be trusted with a paint brush and the occasional gangway duty. Sorry to shatter any illusions.
  10. 2DD
    PM inbound
  11. thanks to you all for the prompt and direct replies.
    I take it, though if i have the time and the inclination I could fit Logs training into year one after the SA80 course and safe deck hand?
  12. In today's budget concious times, there is greater pressure on Man Training Days, however, COs do have the flexibility to allow suitable (and deserving) cases to go over the normal limit of 24.
    If you were to complete the Weapons Training and Safe Deck Hand Courses in a single training year, and wished to conduct specilisation courses as well, you would need to make your case to your CO, and presumably, to someone in your branch.

    I have no idea of the MTD pressure that your particular CO is under, however I do know of at least one deserving 18-year old who will be conducting nearly 25 days of Sea(Res) courses within this training year in order for him to be qualified to deploy in Feb 2010. Needless to say, I really appreciate the flexibility and pragmatic nature of his CO.

    Good Luck

    SO2 Seaman

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