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I don't remember my paternal gran that well as she died when I was 11 but my maternal nan was like a little sparrow. Always knitting, always had a fag on the go and always baked some excellent buns in case we dropped in as she lived down the end of the street. Although tiny you never argued with her or you'd get what she called a "fizzer" a.k.a a slap round the napper. She was so proud of me at my passing out and when I did the Royal Guard in the Tournament, she had a front row seat which she thought was the bee's knees. According to my Mum, she was telling everyone and anyone that "that's my Grandson out there", bless her.
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Never knew my paternal Gran ... but my maternal Gran lived with us. She used to be a cook in some big country house when she was a youngster and she taught me to cook. She always had bread/cakes/biscuits/jam/chutney etc on the go. Christmas she'd be baking morning till night... wonderful memories!


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My maternal grandmother was 1/2 Cornish, 1/4 Scots & 1/4 Protestant Ulster and had trained herself to be difficult, starting as a girl sitting on her garden wall with a hose watering the congregation as they came past for Church. A gallant hun tried to machine gun her as she waddled down the mainstreet of Freshwater in 1940. If there would be an invasion she planned to ask the nice Germans in for a nice cup of tea; on her mantelpiece she kept a cup of poison that she was going to add to the brew.