Awesome Grannies


Lantern Swinger
And Speaking of Grannies....
I can honestly say my Gran and Rummers would not have got on!
She was a lovely woman but an outright racist. When I was a kid she used to make up wee stories for us which my Mum would then censor. Such Gems as "Kellar McGinty and Yaki the Paki" were turned into "Kellar McGinty and Yakifeet" She used to love to tell us others like "Little Black Sambo" and the Jungle book. Just Before She croaked I took my Fiance to see her. Gran had been pre-warned not to go on about Left-footers (Did I mention she was also a Bigot) As other 1/2's Family was of the roman church.
Gran did honour her promise, She didn't talk about Religion, Instead she made us all a nice cup of tea as only Grannies can and turned on the the Idiot Box.
...The BNP were on the news...

I'll leave it there but suffice to say we were glad she wasn't around for the wedding.


War Hero
Both of my Grannies died when I was relatively young, my mother mum was in an asylum and the main things I remember was it had a farm attached which had a massive pig.

My dad’s mother became a single parent due to the war, even though she was kind and motherly, no one crossed her as she was hard as nails

I remember her doing her washing with her dolly tub, peg and scratch board.

Sitting down as a family and all taking the fresh garden peas out of the pods, most of her veg was grown I her garden
She still had her old Nissen hut in the garden

I just remember happy times when we visited her.