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Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by BillyNoMates, Sep 12, 2013.

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  1. Awesome destinations & stuff to do.

    For the adventurer in you. There are places on this planet, and things to do that I'd flog a kidney to visit or have a go at. Here's a small selection:-

    Oxalis - Son Doong Cave

    ...and another (Sold Out 2013 - book early for 2014)

    Great Alaska Beer Train

    "Journey to the centre of the Earth" (Rick Wakeman) - have it on your I-pod while you're doing this:-

    The ultimate unusual holiday in Iceland's volcanoes

    You can do it Scotland, but you might as well go for it and give it a bit of YEEEE-HAWWWWW!

    Drive a Tank | Tank Driving & Car Crush Adventure in Kasota Minnesota

    I'd like to see them try a week in a caravan down Redruth way........compared to THAT, this would be a piece of piss:-

    Rusadventures - MiG-25 "Foxbat": Flight to Stars
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  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Come spend a week with me mate, we'll do the work thing which will totally wow you, then we'll get hammered on the friday night before going out and seeing some totally awesome views on the weekend.
  3. Or a week with me and the lads, if you can keep up

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  4. For me, it would be a trip to Truk aka Chuuk Lagoon to dive on the remains of the Japanese fleet after Operation Hailstorm.

    Just need the right numbers to come up............
  5. Try Bog Snorkelling at LLanwyrtydd Wells, Mid Wales, the dirtiest fun you'll ever have!
  6. Taffscrivs! Would you like to share your ever best snorkelling experience with me? I love this activity and wants to know your views about this.
  7. Now this would make an excellent prize for those that take part in daytime telly quiz shows:-

    I want to go. Oh I so want to go, because I want one of these for my night shift coffee-a-thon:-


    It glows! It glows in the great is that?
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  8. I'll come with you Billy

    RR Detachment, I'll tell the wife I'm at Brize

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  9. I've actually sat on a couple of reactors in my time and they don't seem to have had any long lasting effects on me, apart from the fact that the DAB radio in my kitchen switches itself off every time I go anywhere near it.

    D'you think that the wives would like to be surprised with a "Christmas holiday away from home" this year?
    It's her indoors birthday on 17th December and I'm thinking..........
    Just checked availability and Christmas Day is available. **** me! That's got to be worth
    a shit-load of brownie points.
  10. The concept of using the words fun and Wales within the same sentence are somewhat alien.
  11. Pillock.
  12. I had to live on R.A.right out in the middle of 1950's Hartlepool!!! All else since fades into obscurity.
  13. The truth hurts
  14. What, the bit about you being a pillock?
  15. No, just the bit about Wales
  16. Had one hell of a rig run in Hartlepool, no one arrested, as the cap tally told the police where to taxi the lads back to bed.
  17. Passed through on a train once ... that was enough!
  18. Hartlepool?

    The thread title says "awesome destinations", not "awful destinations"!

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