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I notice that the Sun (bless them) has started a campaign to honour those who have done great service to their country, as a foil to the now infamous (?) 'Cameron's Cronies Honour List'.
Maybe we all, should propose ALL of those servicemen and women who have been killed or maimed, both physically and mentally, for this Sun Campaign.
As the 'Honours' are meant to be for those who have 'done great service to the nation', I rather think that they are far, far, more entitled to be so honoured than the so-called 'Honourable' politicians, cronies, bankers, hangers-on and civil servants that have so far been given this 'award', and who have grandiosely enriched themselves at the taxpayers expense so far.
Perhaps there should also be a petition to discontinue the dubious title of 'Honourable' being given to politicians in the HoC ?
I also read that a hack from the Times has been 'awarded' the Legion d'Honneur ... allegedly by the French for his talking down of the Brexit campaign .... and yet an old soldier, who fought at D Day, is still apparently awaiting his French award at the age of 96.


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The Sun should maybe dedicate a full issue to saying sorry to 96 folk and their families.

The sun & honour in the same sentence, not something you're likely to see typed by me again.
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