Awaiting outcome from NRC


I've posted here before but no answer. I'm currently going through my application, smashed the test and I am interviewing as a submariner on the 26th. Thing is I am awaiting an outcome from NRC as I TU'd from the British Army in 2013. So I dont even know if I am allowed to apply. Its probably been close to 2 months now and the AFCO have still not heard anything. Is anyone knowledgeable of this process? How long generally does it usually take for a decision to be made? Is it like black and white you have to meet criteria to be allowed or will you be contacted to discuss certain things etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any info or has been through this process before. Find it very hard to find information about it, and the careers office don't really know anything either just that they pull my previous records.

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