Awaiting joining date

So I passed my PJFT about 5 months ago and I am still waiting to hear about my joinjng date. I rang my AFCO 3 months ago and was told I would know as soon as they have my joining date. Is it normal to take this long? When I had my interview I was told I was looking at a 6 month waiting list.


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What branch are you joining?

Have you changed branch choice?

Were there any delays during the selection process? (ie: Medical, PJFT)

Has your careers adviser advised you of a revised anticipated entry date?
Joining as a WE

I haven't made any changes and had no other delays during the selection process everything progressed fairly quickly.

I havent heard anything at all since I rang the AFCO about 3 months ago. At that point I was told that they had applied for my joining date and that now it was just a waiting game.

I guess the best thing to do will just be to ring them again. Just thoughg id put a quick post on here see if anyo.e else had experienced this.


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ET(WE) has gone out to about 12 months test to entry. It was about 6 months but clearly there are more applicants than jobs available.

Plenty of short notice vacancies as ET(ME) or ET(WESM) but worth calling your AFCO to enquire about a guestimated entry date as ET(WE).

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