Avoiding speed cameras

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Shakey, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Apparently there is a flaw in average speed check cameras.

    Dit from the Daily Wail.

    Incidentally, I always thought that digital photographs were not admissable as evidence in English and Welsh courts.
  2. PMSl!I bet that loophole will be shut faster than a speeding bullet!

    'Motorists are strongly advised not to seek to evade detection by unnecessarily changing lanes as this would generate a greater risk of collision and may lead to other offences being committed which the police may prosecute."

    SOD OFF!!!
  3. sgtpepperband

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    Digital images are admissible in a court of law, providing that the person originating or producing the exhibit declares (by means of their Statement of Witness/testimony) that the evidence is a certified true copy (as the 'original' image remains within the camera itself) and that it has not been tampered with in anyway. Obviously other witness or documentary evidence to support the digital images (if available) will improve the case for the prosecution.

    As someone who has presented digital images in many criminal investigations, I believe they are a vital tool in the fight against crime. It is true that a picture paints a thousand words, and it is better to present images for the jury/judge/etc. in order that they can visualise an incident rather than hearing it as written in a statement.
  4. I knew a couple of blokes who regularly got flashed and got away with it by sticking that reflective tape from Lifejackets in between the numbers causing a glare on the camera.
    Plod will still get you if he pings it but it's not likely.
    Anyway, there is no excuse these days with the camera warning systems available on the market.
  5. Does the Bangkok system of avoiding motoring fines still work?

    500 Baht note in drivers licence which has miraculously disappeared after brown job has examined the licence and then waves you on your way.
  6. Yes, but if you speak the lingo you can get away with 200.
  7. No chance in avoiding the things in Smoke - average speed is about 12 mph, I think, which puts you into the sights of Kens Council Parking Nazis for illegal parking and/or stopping in a red route/yellow lined/school zone etc.....
  8. I think the trick is not avoiding the cameras - it's avoiding getting caught.....by not speeding in the first place?
  9. In full agreement. Since getting my fine from a Van Cam almost 3 years ago I've learnt to moderate my speed (though of course there are occasions when I go a bit faster). Only trouble with this is keeping to the limit seems to really get up the noses of following traffic
  10. Very true, M'seiu l'Inspecteur - the problem in Smoke is that there is so many restrictions for the drivers (humps, cyclists !!, bendy buses that block junctions, traffic lights etc) that the more impetuous, less patient drivers (unlike me of course :wink: ) slam the pedal down to catch up on lost time.
    Only trouble is that they are now experimenting with timed distance cameras - can't get away from those........ yet !?

  11. Average speed cameras are a good idea on paper- until some twunk realises they've gone too fast, then drives at 22 and a half miles an hour until they leave the camera zone.
  12. Its all a matter of self discipline and concentration when driving. It is hard work but if people are willing to put the effort in it will pay off in the end by not breaking the speed limits and therefore not paying the fines. Speed cameras are here to stay and all the moaning about them is not going to get rid of them.
  13. Corrrrrrrrrect. No-one's gonna make me go over the limit, no matter how hard they try to squueze up my tailpipe.

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