Avoid Litigation after the Office Party

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nutty, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. The coverall get out of jail card to avoid being sued fresh from the USA

    "WARNING: You are herein invited to attend a Holiday Party. Should you choose to attend this event, you are herein advised that you do so at your own peril. Food served may be manufactured in factories that may contain machinery that may have touched peanuts. In the absence of any coherent party-based sexual-harassment policy, you are warned that any hugging/touching/casual flirting/wine-stem fondling/hair tossing/breast gazing/butt grabbing will be deemed actionable at law. All guests must maintain a 5-foot distance from all others at all times (spouses included). Appropriate topics for conversation are: work; sports; light political banter; reality-television shows. Any unapproved conversational topics shall be cleared in advance by the Human Resources department. All dance moves shall be preapproved by the HR department. Seminars on these moves shall be conducted twice daily in the small conference room on the second floor between now and the day of the party. All closets, conference rooms, restrooms, and other possible areas of sexual misconduct are to be padlocked for the duration of the event. Small children are to be chaperoned at all times. Any child found playing or otherwise conducting himself in a childlike manner will be summarily removed from the premises. Should you or your partner feel at any point during the party that you have been sexually harassed, socially discomfited, religiously proselytized, or otherwise made to feel uneasy in any way, a team of HR lawyers will be made available to you immediately. Do not minimize your feelings or wait a few days to see if the bad feeling blows over. Prompt attention to any social discomfort is critical to eradicating it in the workplace. Once again, we wish you and yours a very happy holiday season, and hope to make this year's office party the best ever."

  2. Nutty. Wondered where i went wrong at xmas parties and as a consequence got into so much trouble. Thanks for clearing that one up for me. :lol:

  3. Nutty B thats wot happens to Nutties. That why we are Nutty, You be careful at this years parties Nutty B.


    PS My first pee up this Xmas is with Jossman, very worrying. See myself in DQ's early next year.
  4. Nutty,

    Be nice to Jossman if he brings the Pussers Rum over. If he forgets... throw him in your nice blue rubber paddling pool! Remember, despite being a Joss he was a Ganges boy once, so he has a human side buried deep inside him somewhere. He was also a JRO, so he must have some intelligence encapsulated within his skull. Your task is to locate and liberate it. However, as you know from me, never conflate intelligence with common sense! :wink: :lol: Drink a tot to Jossman from me please!


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