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Anybody know what an aviation medical is? I have to go to portmsouth for one in november and have no idea what it would include, thanks in advance :)
I have made this sticky in Health & Fitness as it is a very good summary of what happens in an Aviation Medical. Anyone who asks questions about the procedure who has not read this will face the wrath of JJ.


Hi Kyle,
I've been through 2 Aviation Medicals prior to BRNC so here's the run-down!

Firstly, they're no big deal so if you're worried don't be. So you'll turn up at wherever they're putting you up and they'll let you know when they want you there. Take plenty of change for taxi's cuz you'll need to sort yourself out then keep your receipts to bill the RN afterwards. They give you 2 taxi company numbers and from experience Silverline are the best, there always seems to be a car less than 5mins away which is good.

You'll probably be sent to INM (Institute of Naval Medicine) to sign a load of forms and tick a load of boxes. Make sure you take something to do, a laptop or something because there's an awful lot of sitting around in your cabin doing sod all. If you're driving make the most of Pompey and go the dockyard or Gunwarfe Quays or something.

You'll have an Opticians appointment at an opticians in Gosport at some stupid time in the morning (either 0730 or 0800 I think) and both times I've beaten the opticians to her shop and stood in the doorway for some time. If you get Mrs Tombs don't try to make jokes, she has no sense of humour, just answer her questions and try not to fall asleep in the dark room!

After that its back to INM for a million tests: Bloods, ECG, Hearing, more Eyesight, Lung Capacity, Urine, Measurements, I've probably missed one or two but nothing too invasive. The staff are really good and really try to get you to pass all the tests, I was rubbish at the Lung Capacity one but they gave me like 20 attempts till I passed it. I've been with people that were nervous so they're ECG was high, they were just left to relax. They're not trying to fail you which is a bonus. (This test session might happen the day before when you're ticking boxes, depends what staff they've got in when).

The last bit is a Doc's appointment. You're dressed in a fetching dressing down and slippers and interviewed by one of the RN doctors. Basically if you're a normal healthy human you sit and say "No, No, No, No" for about 10 minutes. They'll get you to walk around, touch your toes, test your reflexes and all that jazz (no "aaaand cough" luckily) then you're done. They can't tell you how you did cuz it's not up to them, their report gets sent with your bloods (which go to Haslar so can take a week or more to process) to some top brass who give you the all clear and send you a letter.

Thats it, Aviation Medical in a... well quite a large nutshell but even so. Good Luck, it can be scary but just relax, it makes the tests easier. Well done in getting this far.
Chris (C'mon the sticky)
Excellent reply Chris, but if Kyle had bothered to use the search function it would have saved you a hell of a lot of typing.

The subject has been done to death and there is even a thread a few lines down!!!!!
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