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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by LJ22, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm pretty set on on a Naval career, particularly and specifically as a helicopter pilot.

    However in a few days I will be needing an operation that may involve having titanium plates in my face, will this effect my chances or anything at all?

    Any help will be appreciated!


    Lee Johnson
  2. One for Ninja or angry doc. (Resident Careers advisor and Doc)

    But on a side note, it will increase the overall all up weight of the aircraft you may fly in!!!!:thumbleft:

    Can't remember anyone during my aircrew meds having a similar question.
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  3. What about the magnetic variation of 8 degrees west , you might have to alter that when you go on a navex :grin: ps and I don't think you will be welcome by the grubbers when doing a compass swing:toothy10:
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  4. Scouse being a pilot candidate he won't worry about navigation, he'll have the talking handbag, sorry - Observer, to get him from A to B.
  5. ---bump---

  6. With one post methinks he's gorn!!!!!!!!:neutral:
  7. As it may involve you being screwed why not wait and see first.
  8. It depends on the scale of the surgery, and why it is being done.

    Titanium plates will not stop you per se, but if they make your facial structure unsuitable for a mask or if they are being done for a wierd and wonderful reason then you will run into problems.
  9. I think young John Merrick has departed!
  10. Thanks for the help so far everyone, + the banter. I am pretty sure my face will not be protruding in any way, the main plate I need is for my orbit floor - however regarding my vision the doctor said it's unlikely to effect it; plus my vision at the moment is above average so that was a relief.

    As for the reason it is being done, I am hoping the RN will understand that the injury occurred as I caught my friend who fell 25ft whilst rock climbing, I think it was his elbow who walloped me under the eye and nose.

    I am hoping karma is on my side now though, I am just waiting for the call from the doctor to say when my op is. I just fear being turned away from Aircrew later down the road.
  11. The aircrew medical is most probably the one thing you have no control over. The academics is down to you, the medical is in the hands of the gods. One chap on my A/C medical at good ole Haslar came out with 6 specialist appointments. As well as being told he wasn't accepted.

    Good luck, and the banter never goes away!

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