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A bit of a pot luck competition this time as I have a series of books very kindly donated by Pen & Sword and Haynes Publishing. The winners will receive one of the books listed below but on a purely pot luck basis of first drawn get #1 second #2 etc

The books are
From Pen & Sword
Luftwaffe - a History
Legacy of the Lancaster
(2 copies available)
The Dam Buster Raid - 70 years on - a reappraisal

from Haynes Publishing
B-24 Liberator Owners Workshop Manual
Vickers Wellington Owners Workshop Manual

All that is required is that you complete the entry form on Survey Monkey correctly and have your name drawn out of the winners' list.

The competition will close on Sunday 6th October around midday.

The books have all been reviewed recently so look them up in the ARRSE Book Reviews Section.
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I was thinking more cheap Chrimbo pressie for the crab in my life.

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Aviation Pot Luck - winners & answers

The 6 winners of this are:

  • RigPig
  • Wightsparker
  • denzh
  • Cutaway
  • Wafubustard
  • ExJenny

I will email them for their contact details as usual.


Q1 - the shortened name of the German Air Force in WW1 was :Luftstreitkraft

Q2 - the suggested name for Guy Gibson's dog in the remake of Dambusters is: Digger

Q3 - chief designer of the Lancaster who picked up a CBE on the same day as Guy Gibson received his VC is: Roy Chadwick

Well done to the winners. Keep a look out for future book competitions. There is still the competition for a Jungle Sleeping Bag running and a week left to get your entry in.


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Wheyhey lucky wafubustard. I guess that little Wb is also getting a book for Christmas

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