Average waiting time to go for aircrew medical

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ANDY_224, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me the average waiting time from passing the interview to going for the aircrew medical in portsmouth? just I am hoping to book a holiday and don't want it to clash with the medical. I've been told it will be next july before I go, will they leave it closer to that date and will they wait untill my security clearence comes through before sending me for it? Cheers for any advice.
  2. The Aircrew medical takes place the day after your AIB (Well it did for me anyway).
  3. I'm goin in as a rating, aircraft controller though so I don't go to the AIB and don't even do the FAT's until I've finished HMS Raleigh.
  4. Ah I see, apologies then. I'm sure someone will be along soon enough to give you a useful answer.
  5. I waited 3 months for a date for mine, after my medical was passed but id had problems with mine, so fingers crossed for you it wont take long. Initially my aircrew medical should have been a month and half after but was cancelled as i had to go for a lung function test instead.

    Good luck
  6. I'm going at the end of this month for the medical and i've applied for AC too. I had my date for it last month but some AFCOs do things different, as I have not had my interview yet.
  7. If you don't mind me asking mate, what's the difference between the medical you do at HMS Sultan, as opposed to the one you do in your home town?

    From what i've read in the paperwork they've given me, they're very similar with the exception of a blood test to determine your blood group (but i have a donar card anyway with it on).
  8. C20


    Going in as AC and I had my interview in Jan, FATS in Feb then got my date in march for my medical which is 4th August, so a very long wait for me! Hoping for a early 2011 start.
  9. Same here, just the interview and flying medical to go.
  10. They don't really differ they are just longer and more thorough. The tests weren't at Sultan they were at the Institute of Naval medicine which is about 10 mins away in a taxi, you do a urine test, blood test, eyesight/ colour blindness test, hearing test, height, weight, ECG - which is to check your heart, then you sit down with the doctor go through your medical history thoroughly and he does some flexibility and just basically gives you a physical checks your breathing, etc.
  11. Nice to see so many potential ACs. Hopefully see some of you in the branch asap.
  12. I had my airman medical for AC in March and they had to write to my GP to confirm a few things. I got the green light this afternoon so it can take a while if they need to check anything.

  13. Any reason why it took that long?
    Such as a previous condition they needed to check up on?
  14. I was prescribed an inhaler for a bad bout hayfever a few years back and they needed to check I'd been all clear. That plus one of the blood tests being spoilt equalled the wait.

  15. Ah, fair enough. My CA told me to report back to him as soon as i got back to tell him my result, i assumed i'd have a result straight away (like the local one) so i can then go on to arrange my interview, cheers for the heads up.
  16. They take four sets of blood so you'll have to wait for the results of those before the all-clear. I remember the LMA saying that they take 10-14 days.

    All the best,

  17. Thanks mate, i feel i should be okay, nothing wrong with me (apart from the football team i support :lol: ) but if there is, at least i'll find out.

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