Average speed cameras

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Stand_Still, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. Driving down the M6 last night, from junction 16 to 12, I went through 2 sets of road works with 50 mph limits and average speed cameras and I'm curious as to whether they work in the dark. And yes, I know the easiest way to find out is to exceed the limit but I thought it would be cheaper to ask the experts on RR.
  2. The cameras are certainly able to detect in the infra-red band, so in theory they can catch you in the dark. No idea how this works in practice though. There are some suggestions that changing lanes breaks the system, but if this is the case the designers need to be fired.
  3. Jesus SS, what kind of narrow boat you got, a Huntress, and did Thing show you the wheels? :roll: :wink: :D

    Yes they do work in the dark and the camera is infra red so changing lanes does not help. :evil:
  4. Knew a guy that had his plate , on the back of his bike hinged and whenever he went thru a light , pulled a bit of string and tilted it up
  5. You can now buy revolving number plates, a bloke comes to the local sarnie caravan with one, I will investigate. 8O :roll: :D
  6. Those cameras on the M27 worked on the front plate so bikes dont have to worry.( Lucky barstewards) 8O
  7. same on the m60, and infacts most of them
  8. The average speed cameras they had on the M5 road works a year or so ago at Exeter operated at night I believe.
  9. Thats the ones, but I only ever saw one on a bike. :thumbup:
  10. I drive back at night and I've never been caught. So I would say they don't.

    Hello again everybody. :wink:
  11. WELCOME! :wink:

  12. Gollys back :wink:
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Perverting the course of justice springs to mind, far more serious penalty than speeding.
  14. Didn't a police chief mention that if you change lanes then the cameras cannot cope with it, but he urged people not to do so :lol: I wonder what he was smoking at the time!
    Don't feel too hard done by as ALL the speed cameras in the greater Barcelona area are average time ones. Plus the speed limit is 80kph even on the eight lane ring roads.
    Plus, there are regular and random breath tests. You simply step into the back of a van, blow into the machine, and off you go again. I was on a bus which was stopped and none of the pax thought it even remarkable.
    Plus, you need to keep an array of documents in the car, the registration, type approval, insurance, and of course always your licence, proof of having paid the local road tax etc.
    Anyone over the age of 40 (I suspect that includes a LOT of RR members)must have a five yearly eye test.
    You people in the UK don't know you are born :roll:
  15. They used to work on the M2 also, probably still do, knowing Kent Police.

    'My' car was slotted at about 30mph above the limit a few years ago near Farthing Corner.
    Trouble was when they served me the notice, it wasn't my car at all, but a cloned number plate; different car make totally!
    Had to copy all the documentation details before they believed me.
  16. Of course you had to do that, as a motorist you are automatically guilty until YOU prove otherwise :lol:
  17. Well, it's also surprising how many cars up north were GASTO's are a plague have back number plates that 'It just fell off Officer and I'll fix it when I get home'…

    If they see you it's a fixed penalty notice and fix it… cheaper than a ban for going way faster than you should be.
  18. Dark offenders? The racist bastard.

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