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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Big_e, Dec 8, 2008.

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  1. what age did you start RN basic?

    and what is the average age of recruits doing their basic?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It varies a good deal. Arguably the average is 27, but often it's less than that. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a class of 24 new entrants, 3 were over 30.
  3. I'm starting basic in March and I'll be 23 then.
  4. That's encouraging.
  5. and i thought joining at 19 was late!
  6. When I was a Phase One instructor I had a guy in one of my classes who joined in the same entry as me 17 years earlier but PVR'ed only to join again aged 34! I would imagine the average age has increased, but mid twentys sounds about right.
  7. How times have changed. In Nelson's day Powder Monkey (3rd Class) would join at the age of 10. In Higgy's (Boy Wafoo) and Nutty's day (Junior Seaman) they joined at 15. In the era of Big-e it's 16 (AB) and in the zeitgeist of the King William V it'll probably be 17 (and the starting rate will be Assistant PO for ratings and Assistant Commander for Ossifers :giggle: ).
  8. I'm joining aged 20 in 6 days.
  9. If/when I get the start date I've been told to expect I'll be 26 on entry.
  10. When I joined 30 years ago at the grand old age of 16 and 3 months, the average age was around 19/20.

    Today I would say the average age is far higher more like 26/28. The oldest recruit I've put in was 36. In fact I had a 33 year old new recruit working in my office whilst awaiting his Submariners course. He is loving it and wishes he'd done it sooner.

    Whatever age you are there will be others joining at about the same age as you.

    Don't let age be the thing that stops you.


  11. So how old was the oldest to join. In fact, is there an age limit with the new age discrimination laws?
  12. onI believe 36 is the oldest you can join as but not 100% sure
  13. For the Royal Navy the oldest you can join as a rating is the day of your 37th B'day. Basically due to the new pension scheme requiring you to do 18 yrs service and the maximum age to serve until is 55.

    That said there are a couple of exceptions:-

    RM and diver, the maximum age is the day of your 33rd B'day.

    Hope this helps


  14. There are varying age limits for officers. I think the oldest is 30 currently (for E(IS)) although I'm not entirely sure. It's younger for Warfare, and younger still for submarines IIRC.

    If you go to the RN website and look up the career you want it'll tell you what the age limits are.
  15. You really don`t know fukc all do you? Why do you do this? It`s so fukcing funny, me and my mates are curling down, Thingy give it a fukcing break.
  16. I Joined on My I5th Birthday 18/8/70 my date of birth being 18/8/55,didnt get no birthday cake at the G spot,joined Rumration 18/8/2007
  17. Don't worry, I was just curious. I've done my bit already but thanks for the intel'. :thumright:
  18. Oh dear. :rendeer:
  19. It's a young man's lifestyle. I can't see the attraction of joining in your 30s.
  20. Broke rule number one, had an opinion about hig which is negative. He'll be crying for weeks.

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