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Average medical completion times.


After joining up in 2013 and leaving during phase 2, I am now in the process of rejoining. I am at latter end of the age scale, and luckily enough due to friends I made in phase 1 being able to speak to the right people I have had an age waiver placed for me. Also the chance to go straight into phase 2 otherwise if I was applying through the normal channels I would have been stopped at the first part of the application (something which needs to be looked at on the website) The only thing is all the posts about the inability of capita to process medicals quickly I may miss a phase 2 intake. Anyone have any ideas? My interview is at the start of Jan. Would say for instance a early March phase 2 intake be off the cards?

B Tango

Hi bud not got much info to give, but I would say my whole medical took roughly a month or so long after capita recieveing my medicals forms. I would push it along with your AFCO to speed up the process though...


War Hero
not much help, but well done for going back and chasing your career, good luck, find out from you AFCO will your old man waiver hold if medical is slow to progress? just in case they have to extend it?


War Hero
It depends on the region but the quicker you return the completed eyetest form and medical questionnaire to your AFCO, the quicker the call from the Triage Nurse, pre medical. Once you're cleared by the triage nurse, your medical should be within about four to six weeks away. Trouble is, the initial call from the triage nurse can take six or seven weeks in some areas.


Thanks for the replies, well hopefully the process will be fluid. I sent my successful eye test and med form within 48 hours, and have interview at the beginning of January. Everything has been rushed through and helped along up to now, let's hope the momentum keeps up. Cheers


I had to complete a peak flow diary which I finished on the 15th December. My medical records are being sent by my doctor today. When can I expect a medical date? I'm hoping for January sometime.


Thanks I will be pushing this as much as humanly possible, after all the help I've received from royal navy staff to get my application rolling the least I can do is play my part and get back to Raleigh ASAP.
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