Average Length time spent in Dockyard Refit

I would be grateful to know the average time spent in the Dockyard on refitting the older diesel boats --like the 'A' , the 'T' , the 'P&O' . I stood by a full strip down refit of AMPHION in 1953 . We were snorting on our way from Scotland to Portsmouth , when the No 8 cylinder starboard blew up --stripped timing gear ,so as we were due to go into the Dockyard anyway in 4 months ,they it moved forward .
Everything came out --ballast pump , compressors and so on to be refurbished . And of course the battery --I think we got a new snort mast (after AFFRAY ) --- didn't look much different --just strengthened inside '

We got sabotaged -- the induction hull valve played up after we moved over to Dolphin when we recommissioned and a linen bag full of bolts etc where lodged on the spider above the valve -- men in dark suits came and stared up at the hole as we watched from the motor room . And that was that !
Anyway I would like to know the average length of a diesel boat full refit , please. As it looking back it, seemed only about 8 months --I was living ashore with my wife and we can't really remember , but I have been reading a book talking about 2 years ???
I have P&O boat experience but never completed a full refit. I did complete three DEDs and part of a refit though. I seem to recall that 2 years is about right for a full refit. The expectation was around 18 months but generally it was always longer, from the dits I recall hearing. My partial refit was on Walrus in Rosyth and I'm fairly certain that was a two year extravaganza.
Thanks for that , may I ask another O&P class question --- what was the maximum time these boats could remain submerged on battery (say 90 ) feet, at about 4 knots. I have just read 48 hours , but on an 'A' as I recall ,we were getting in a dangerous crew state at about 24 hours with those not on watch ordered to keep inactive and lie down? It seems to me the sort of kit the SSN have with a virtually unlimited auxiliary electrical supply , would take far too much space and power to fit in an 'O' ?
I reckon 48 hours max is about right. We would be on the deck long before then trying to light our cigarettes, the galley would be shut down and there would be quite a lot of enforced inactivity. I don't think you would get SSN kit inside an O class if you wanted a crew in there as well!

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