Average cadet age?

A thought just popped into my head whilst I was chatting with my mates about the cadetship (they're all of the opinion if I pass and get in, my three years at Fleetwood will just be a massive jolly and endless drunken escapades) What is the actual average age of cadets around the place? I'd imagine it to be more University age, but I'm led to believe the intake age is as low as 16 for some companies.
for the RFA in my intake it was early - mid twenties as an average but one 2 18 year olds and a 42 year old, the rest of the cadets from the other companies are more around the 19-20 mark. The first phase is basically a massive drunken escapade, its really easy and requires little or no work other than hats involved in classes so everyone gets boozed up most nights. Its very different after phase one.
I've been vehemently defending the course against my mates attacks, stressing that it is a proper course and not a jolly haha! Cheers for the quick reply by the way, looks like I'm rolling in with the average age then, if not the lower part of that average.

Also how long is phase one to last for then? Not that I'm adverse to getting utterly pancaked on a night out but I do kinda want a proper course too hah!
Oh its a proper course, you will be in Monday to Friday 9 - 4 learning met up to mates level, cargo and construction, tides and sailings, chartwork, maths, and personal development (teaches you how to write a CV when everyone there has just been goven a job based on one lol) there's a lot to take on, you will get out what you out in, I managed an average mark of 90% for everything and I went out lots, so if you wana push yourself and get 100% its very possible, but you need a good balance in my opinion. I have just come back from five months at sea and I learned a lot more then than I did at college.

I also went to university before I came here so am used to the style of higher education and the social style, if its a new experience for you you may find a different but still rewarding experience.
Sounds snazzy, you say your phase one was Sep to Feb? Is BRNC Included in Phase 1, or was yours conducted at an earlier time.

And yeah I haven't been to Uni yet (was a bit of a dip at college) though I live in quite a heavy student city, and a fair few of my mates are students, so I've dipped my toes into that life haha. Led to many a interesting (and horrible) night!


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I'm in my thirties so if I'm successful and end up in Fleetwood I will be the mummy of the group ;)

I have no real interest in going out on the booze all the time, it plays havoc with my waistline.

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