Average age of Recruits


Thanx Kiwi-Fi

And to all of you who responded to my request, age is a number only :)
so why should I let it stop me, I got a presentation date booked for the 9th Feb & will attend... But I feel as I need to get to the AFCO sooner than that to get the ball rolling, so I will be going today to speak to them......

In order to prepare for the test I have just ordered these from Amazon

"Practice Tests for the Armed Forces: Entry Level (Succeed at Psychometric Testing)" and "Bond 11+ Test Papers: Standard: Mixed Pack 1 (Bond Assessment Papers)".....

I left school in 1992 so I need to get cracking on what I have missed lol...

So cheers again all and maybe one day well meet again :)


hi bartman im 33 and in 2 months time 34 and i just got through application and awaiting a joining date so what have you got to lose if your heart and mind are in joining the navy are there do it there are a lot of youngsters joining because thats the macho easy thing (not being disrespectful there) go to your local afco and speak to them and good luck im sure you wont regret it


Cheers Mark33

What trade are you going into?

I will try for logistics, just hope i get past the RT..... as long as it's over 50 i should be ok.


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Kiwi-Fi said:
Thanks Ninja, loving it so far and off to sea in a couple of months.

Tuts, I can't say anything was really that bad looking back. Time is tight, there are never enough hours in the day! The only thing that got to me in the slightest was the arguing amongst the class as there were a few clashes of personality. I was deputy class leader and kind of took it as a poor reflection on me that everyone wasn't getting on. Eventually I realised it had nothing to do with me and some people are just plain knobheads!

It's really all down to attitude and effort, and Raleigh is only 9 weeks of hard work for an amazing job.


Thanks for response KF, much appreciated. :)