Average age of Officer Cadets

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This is my first time on here but thought I should finally sign up (rum ration at least). Good news is I am waiting for my AIB date and thoroughly looking forward to it.
My question concerns age of recruits, I am 28 at the mo and going for Logs. If I do make it through to BRNC does anyone know if this is old for recruits, am I goinbg to be a distinct minority?
I have asked at the AFCO and although being very useful they are always programmed to tell you the most positive answer!

Just looking for some first hand honest advice? Its not an issue just wondering how I will be viewed (potentially favoured for training) against others who are younger.

Thanks all


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The AFCO will tell it like it is.

If you're too old, you will be told.

At BRNC there are plenty of Officers going through training who are older than 28. Will you be the oldest in your entry? Unlikely.

Age is not an issue, ability is.
As ninja says, there will be people younger and older than yourself in training at BRNC. That said you will be one of the older ones, but that can certainly work to your advantage as you will have far more life experiences to use.

Good luck at AIB

To be a nay-sayer - age is definately an issue, and if you join now, I doubt you'll be promoted much beyond Lt Cdr (i.e. not to Cdr). This may, or may not, be a problem for you, but don't think that joining at your age is without it's drawbacks.

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