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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by keesy1985, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Hello

    Just curious if anyone knows the average age for new starters at Raleigh?

    I'm 22, will probably be 23 when I join and wondered if I'd be one of the old fogies there, seeing as you can join at 16.
  2. ive just done a straw poll around the office and the average was 18.
  3. however due to the fact that there is only me here due to the fact that they are all on Easter leave - this fact may have slightly skewballed the results in a Mugabe sort of way - sorry
  4. I demand a recount................. :threaten:
  5. Easter leave!! FFS its nearly summer, can't you see the snow!!!! :salut:
  6. ah remember that second leave is best leave - hadnt done a fukcin thing all week except browse porn, ebay, betfair and RR.

    a week to go and then off to sunnier climates as my oppos pick up the pieces of flotsam and jetsam that knock on the door
  7. Ahahahaha shag_shacker. This sounds like my average working day, minus the Porn and betfair of course. Working in an office is somewhat soul destroying. I just hope i get accepted into the Navy and get some variation and enjoyment in my work.
  8. No, you won't have to worry about being an old fogie. There are plenty of older people joining up from what I gather, including myself who will be the ripe young age of 34 by the time I get to Raleigh :thumright:
  9. so therefore if you dont/cant get porn your either cracking one off to RumRation or ebay -

    shippers you'll fit right in then,

    thsose Marines look luvverly in thier uniform.
  10. Funny boy! I don't really tend to "whack" one out at work. I find toilets are an unsavory place. Each to their own i suppose.
  11. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Judging by the ages of people coming through as phase 2 trainees, you have nothing to worry about. We're seeing guys and girls from the age of 16 up to 33. You have the advantage of having some world experience and will be more mature.

    What trade are you joining as?
  12. Either ET(WESM) or ET(MESM), not sure yet haven't decided, I'm off to the AFCO to ask about each role, but in the meantime anyone want to chip in with their opinion on which I should do?

    In my head WE sounds more interesting but as an ME I would gain a broader knowledge of the workings of submarines which would give me more transferrable skills on civvy street.

    I know it sounds daft thinkin of leaving qualifications when I haven't even joined yet, but it's important.
  13. The AFCOs, in general, don't have any submarine experience that will help you to decide. From my perspective then...the MESM world might sound "less interesting" but it all depends what you're looking for. Engineers/Technicians make things work, they repair things that are broken and they operate things.
    The ME world on a submarine tends to be it's own small world onboard, most of it is away from the steely eyed world of the warriors in the control room. That doesn't mean that they're any less "operational" than the control room, just that, IMHO, MEs tend to get on with the job 24/7, keeping things going or mending them when they're broken. I didn't notice any difference in pace or professionalism whether we were day running, on transit or on patrol, we just "did the job".
    The job involves all sorts of engineering disciplines so, in general, it's probably a wider base of technical skills than a WE. We deal with steam, high pressure air, hydraulics, propulsion/gearboxes, high pressure gas, high power electrics & distribution, hull structure, down to controls/indications, domestic fresh water, sewage, lighting, air purification/conditioning, demin water, galley, laundry, etc, etc, oh....and nuclear reactor stuff too. The breadth of kit means that you develop, over the first few years of your career, a broad set of fault-finding and technical engineering skills among a team of people who all (including the Head of the Department) keep watches . It doesn't make us any better than the WEs, it's just that we do a different job, in a different environment.
    I'm not trying to say we're any better, or any worse, just starting to paint a picture. Over to a WE, to explain their roles.
  14. "We deal with steam".
    I think you'll find it's hot fog Scabz. Real steam is 850/550, P+4.

    But well said about the ME side. Scabz is right Keesy. We do our job 24/7 whether we're at war or not. If we don't work, the ship/boat doesn't work.
  15. Just remember, if you're 33, you'll be old enough to be one of the 16 year old entry's DAD! :lol:

    Kiwi-Fi, you were saying..... :biggrin:
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Quite often that can be the case, although my particular AFCO has a CPO sundodger & a couple of loan ratings of that ilk.

    The submarine service has recognised that whenever we get loan submariners at AFCOs, recruiting figures for that arm of the service always increases- due to a better level of awareness.

    If you are a submariner Junior Rate & reading this it is well worth investigating the possibility of a 1 to 3 month loan at your nearest AFCO as we are very much looking to employ submariners temporarily. You also qualify for a recruiting bounty if you influence a successful recruit.
  17. NS, we're also getting a SM engineer in the HQ of Recruiters. A senior rate I believe. That'll help boost the numbers, hopefully.
    In my experience, the reason people don't want to join the SM world is a lack of knowledge and too many gash buzzes. I'm GS myself.
  18. I'm 25 and will no doubt be 26 upon joining with the waiting list
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  19. im 22 during phase 1 we had ages ranging from 16 - 30
  20. Dear Thingy,

    I think it was pointed out to you before that I can't be anyone's dad!!!! Mum perhaps.....

    PAY ATTENTION :p !!!!

    And as I may have said before also, you're only as old as the man you feel :thumright:

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