Average age for BRNC entry?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by QUIBERON, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    Just inquiring what the average age at BRNC is? Is it like Raleigh where they split the new-entries into their age groups or are you mingled as one class?

  2. last I heard, 24ish. If you really want, go onto the the Defence Analytic Services and work it out. A rough estimate could be provided by averaging the age of all Midshipmen and Sub Lt in the RN.


    As for being split by age, not so much. However, I have no idea how Divisions at BRNC are formed.
  3. Doesn't happen, all in the same boat (so to speak).
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  4. Thanks guys
  5. I enjoy a good pun, I find them punny!

    Good luck in your application Quiberon if you are indeed applying!
  6. Which Officer role are you applying for, Quiberon?
  7. Thanks Rachel, waiting on AIB date!
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  8. Thanks Sol thats brilliant
  9. At AIB recently there were basically only 18-22 year olds. If you factor in bursaries and Upper Yardies then 24 seems like a pretty accurate figure.

    I don't know if they split them according to age groups but upon arrival at the nearby train station the YO's will be assigned to squadrons.

    Why are you concerned about age groups?
  10. I've applied for Weapons Engineering, Information Systems.

    I'm 26 going on 27! Feel a bit of a late starter with people in their early twenties who are dead-set on what they want to do as a career.
  11. Not sure what the AFCO has told you but the IS branch doesn't exist any more, you'll be a Weapon Engineer. That said there are IS jobs available after your first sea appointment once Charge qualified.

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  12. I've been conned! Would you be trained through the weapons engineering stuff before IS?
  13. The jobs that used to be IS are now done by WE's so the jobs are still there and available but there's no guarantee you'll get one after you have done your DWEO sea appointment. You will have an input into which shore appointments you get but the ultimate decision be made by your appointer and the needs of the service at that time.

    Happy to be corrected if anybody else knows more about this, I am currently on System Engineers course due to start my DWEO appointment and have no desire to move into as an IS orientated job post sea.

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