Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Jenny_Dabber, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. I have uploaded some RN branch badges with in the gallery, some of them are old and new. If you have any preferences on what you would like let me know. I can dig around and find some more :p

    That goes for RNR and RM to :wink:
  2. A great selectoin of avatars there

  3. Updated gallery with some more RN trade avatars, this time they are up to date ones :wink:

    And some RM and RNR ones!
  4. What? No Royal Engineer Amphibious Engineer badges? I'll have to use my own then.
  5. All my own logo's which I tried to use are "too big" can this be changed in order to allow individuals avatars to be used?
  6. I'm afraid you are going to have to find something to shrink your avatar down to the maximum allowed size of 80x80 pixels and approx 6k. If we let people upload huge avatars then it just slows the site down which no-one wants. Our avatars gallery has approx 3700 images so I can't believe there isn't one in there that takes your fancy!
  7. I think I'll have to find the RAN Medics badge for my avatar
  8. In actual fact, any pc running any version of Windows has the easiest avatar-modifying software pre-installed (and best of all-it's free!)

    Just click on the Start Menu>Accessories>Paint

    You can open most types of file (i.e. jpeg, bitmap etc) with Paint. If you open the image which is too big, you can check the attributes in the "Image>Attributes" menu within Paint, which will give you the Width, Height and file size.

    To shrink a large image to meet the size limits, choose "Image>Stretch/Skew" and type in an appropriate Stretch factor (i.e. less than 100%).

    Save your new, smaller file (check the attributes again) then try uploading it again. Takes about 2 minutes, little or no hassle!!

  9. Microsoft Photo Editor is now on XP (not sure about earlier versions). You can select a portion of a picture, then crop it and resize as applicable.


    Find your photo in your directory, right click and 'Open With' Microsoft Photo Editor. Select the dashed square from the tool bar and select the area you wish to keep (you can see width and height in the status bar at the bottom if you want a perfect square), then select image from the menu bar, crop and there you are. You can then resize etc from the image menu.
  10. You'll have to get an ET branch badge as they'll be pouring out of Raleigh pretty soon.
    The clankies are just gonna love sporting a nice shiny seadart on their sleeve! :D
  11. Had a few PM's about old SSM and source branch badges. I can get some up on here but you may have to give me a few days or weeks, my 'sourse' is away on at the moment and I will have to wait until he gets back :wink:
  12. Just uploaded a few more RN/RM/RNR branch badges in the gallery. Waiting for the CO's to approve them!
  13. Avatar sizes are very small aren't they?!!!!! any chance of the MODs just alowing for a few extra pixels either way?
  14. Gundulph. I believe that the avatar size issue is to do with a hosting site restriction and not admin policy. This is a technically different Forum from arrse and the finer detail is being tuned daily. I'm sure the site admin will info of any changes in the future.
  15. If your picture is only a few pixels out, try opening the file in Paint (as described above) and resizing it to about 98%. That should shave off the required amount!

    You can check the file before you upload it by right-clicking, choosing Properties. Click on the Summary tab, and choose advanced. The first few lines are the height and width of the picture (normally in pixels)

  16. I have a natty resizer if anyone wants it.simple to use.Just pm me with you e mail addy and ill send it.
  17. I have shamelessly used this avatar but I am intrigued where it came from because when I completed my Mechanician's Qualifying Course a good few years ago, mine came with a crown on top. I have never seen one without the crown before.
  18. many thanks for that
  19. Where's the frigging gallery then ?

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