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I am trying to load an avatar (the one of me in my candy pink bikini sprawled across the bonnet of a Lotus Elite) but it keeps saying the file is too big ~ any suggestions ?
Use photo-shop or some other photto editing software to reduce the size to something that RR thinks is small enough. Eeeeesy peeeesy.
Actually it is really Basil Brush dressed up as Johnny depp from The pirates movies, but thought the "candy pink bikini" may get a bigger response lol

I still cannot upload it though (or anything else I try) ?


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You could lose weight and take the pic again :thumright:

Seriously google pixresizer and use that to reduce the size of the pic
Hey Lorraine,

I usually just email the pic to myself and when attaching it asks if I want to make my pictures smaller. You could try that.



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L it needs to be a bit bigger, use pix again to take it to the max allowed, mind you I'd rather have the bikini shot


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I have just read through this help page so I can load an avatar and guess what? nothing is working! I have tried to re-size my photo but the site keeps telling me the pic is to big even after i have reduced it minuscule size can any one please help me,

Many Thanks

Scouse B
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