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Can someone explain to me how these medal awards work, because I see people with around 20 odd posts with 5 medals and others with 400 odd posts with 2.

Seems strange to me.
It is similar to long ago when daddy could buy you a commission and you could speak to the lower ranks the way you did to the staff back at the mansion house.
I thought there was talk of reviewing the setup some time back but I can't remember what was being said. It might have been discussed in the chat room.

If you pay a fiver to the 'charadee' (Site maintainence fund, COs beer money!!) you get a full set. A tenner gets you an oak leaf clasp keep going and you get some luvverly Crosses and Orders.
Make a donation details are available on the right hand side of the Home Page of RR underneath your avatar/account stuff and activity stats (whose on/lurking etc).
Go on bung 'em a fiver, you know you want a DFC, DSO and Bar.


Lantern Swinger
A wee right click here and a wee cut and paste there and you can have as many medals as you like.........if that peels yer banana! :thumright:
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