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When it comes to computers i'm not the sharpest tool in the box.

Please could someone tell me how I can take a photo off the web and use its as an avater. I do have a paintshop package called 'Gimp' which I understand is similar to Paintshop but have no idea what to do. Many thanks.
Go to your account page ('My Account' from the 'My Account' drop-down tab)

On the right-hand side, under 'My Account Tools', select 'My avatar'.

You now have a choice of inputting the URL of the picture you want to use, or uploading a picture from your machine. If you use a picture that is online, and the picture is removed from that location, your avatar will disappear. If you upload, you are limited in size of file that you can use.
Hermes_R12 said:
Failed miserably:-

The avatar image file size must be less than 6 KB
I havent got a clue how to resize it. Cutting and pasting the link didnt work for me either.
If you have a program like HP Image zone or Microsoft Photo Premium on your 'puter you can resize them with that.
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